Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Arizona Pre-Trip

This was supposed to post the morning we left for Williams. Apparently unknown computer issues, or someone just screwing up, stopped that from happening. So I’ll post it now. That will give me time to work on a day-by-day accounting of the road-trip, at least the way I remember it. Besides, others may remember it differently, and I need the time to get my “facts” stright.

This is a dumb, stupid video thingy. But I do'ed it anyway. The singer is my cat on lots of catnip. By the time this hits the airwaves we’ll be headed to Arizona for a hook-up with Ann, Big D and AZ Harley Dude. Might even get some pictures, don’t know. Bye.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flag Day

Today, June 14th is Flag Day. Few people know or care anymore. My next-door neighbor and me rode out to the Capitola Mall (next to Santa Cruz, Ca), for their Flag Day celebration. Two things still surprise me about this.

1): Santa Cruz County is so lleft; it’s spelled with two l’s. I’m surprised they allow American Flags in public.

2): Me, being 50 years young, was the youngest Vet there. Where the hell are all the Vet’s from Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, The Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan? I know you guys are out there. Start going to these small events. Get out in the public, don’t fade away, again.

There were about fifty people there. About fifteen of them were Veterans. Two bikes in the whole parking lot, my neighbors and mine. That’s a damn shame. Somehow I keep winding up on mailing list for these types of events. I know it probably labels me as an “American Sympathizer” and I don’t care.