Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cheap Crap

This thing was handling like crap. Finally found the problem.

Here’s Ms. Wrench Wench inspecting the cheap stock Harley bolt that broke. I’ve never seen one of these bolts fail before. The next time I’m at our Failure Analysis Lab, this bolt will be under the microscope for a better look. I’m sure Harley would say that I’m to hard on it or I ride it too much. That seems to be their answer for everything.

This is the pain in the ass that cheap bolt caused. At a cost of $14 for new parts, none of them Harley, I’m glad my live-in mechanic works cheap. I’m sure the Stealership would add a few 0’s to the cost, and probably screw it up anyway.


WooleyBugger said...

Jeez Willy, if your that tough on your bike I hate to think how hard you are on your women. But then again, the women are American made and those bolts are not. And you mean you thought you were supposed to ride the bike that much? Shouldn't it be only ridden five miles to Hooters Bike nights on clear perfect weather evenings. Hell I bet the abuser you are you ride in the rain and across dirty mucky roads. How dare you deface and abuse that poor machine like that you hard ass.
By thw way, Wrench wench is looking mighty sexy there working on the bike.

mq01 said...

lmao wooley! hey willyD, is that maybe the cause of some folks getting speed wobbles between 75-85 mph? im starting to hear folks with higher miles on the 2000+ yr models complain about that... hmmm.

Webster World said...

:( Just replaced the lower neck bearing on the 07 Streetglide. That could be a wobble thing. Could hear a clicking when the frontend compressed.

Twitch said...

Surely HD wouldn't blame a nice innocent guy like you, would they? Of course if it was Dave over at road grits I'd understand, but not you.

FLHX_Dave said...

What! Why are you playing with the wrench wench without me! Friggin' Bastard! Wow! Looky here how clean the front end of your bike's almost blinding me.

Willy D said...

Wooley: You should try for a job as a Harley warranty analyst. They’d love you.

mq01: Can’t hurt to check every bolt once in a while. If the bikes got more than 1000 miles on it I would change the fork oil. That factory oil is probably full of aluminum and is probably low.

Webster: Neck bearings on a ’07? That’s sad. Seems like the quality of parts is going down hill.

Twitch: No, they blame me because I point out what they screwed up on Dave’s after they ‘fix’ it.

Dave: Hey! She started it! When I have to pull the engine I’ll clean it also. Until then I’m riding it. It’ll get washed when it rains.