Sunday, September 28, 2008

West Coast vs. East Coast or East Coast vs. West Coast Durning The Winter

    With Winter due to grace us with Her presence any day now, and having lived on the East Coast for 22 years, I decided to reminisce about some of the reasons I got the hell out of there !

    For those of you who live where it doesn't snow, this does not apply to you. For those that don't, read on.

  • West Coast - mow the lawn all winter (but you can ride your bike)

  • East Coast - shovel snow all winter (try to ride your bike)

  • West Coast - rains sometime (but you can ride your bike)

  • East Coast - hails sometimes (try to ride your bike)

  • West Coast - foggy sometimes (but you can ride your bike)

  • East Coast - sleet sometimes (try to ride your bike)

  • West Coast - chilly sometimes (but you can ride your bike)

  • East Coast - blizzards sometimes (try to ride your bike)

Those who still live where it snows, what the hell is wrong with you ? Have you no respect for your bike ? Didn't your Mama raise you better than that ? You leave Her in that damp, dark, freezing garage. Alone, no companionship for months at a time. You occasionally push Her out into that brown slush that covers everything. You violate Her undercarriage with salt and sand, rusting Her beautiful frame (except the '08 FLHX), destroying Her taunt wiring harness.

This has got to stop ! We must put a end to Bike Abuse ! Get the hell out of there ! Move to the West Coast and start the Biker Nation as it was meant to be. Let the Revolution begin !

(PS - No Snowmen were harmed in the making of this Post)


Ann said...

Viva la revolucion!!!!

We moved to AZ from Boston 8 years ago, and we'll NEVER move back! We don't even visit family in the colder months.

Welcome to the blogging world, Willy D! I have added you to my blogroll, and I'll be watching for updates.

And I left my suggestion for your initiation on Dave's blog. :)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I love the change of seasons in Minnesota. I love the mild weather. I hate it when it's over 85 degrees. I think the hot of summer where you are is a trade off for the winter here. I only don't ride 2 1/2 to 3 months out of the year. This part sucks, but that is what snowmobiles are for. Same kind of adrenaline rush. (O.K., maybe not really) but let me live this fantasy to get me through those winter months.)
I grew up here, and still love it.

Big Daddy said...

First post I read was,
'So easy a Caveman could do it'
Not looking for a easy prospect period are ya?
Ok Prospect here's your first mission.
Somwhere in my blog storys is a character named 'Kingpin'
Where is his first appearence?
And post at least two comments on any two storys.
Ready, Set, Go!

FLHX_Dave said...

Lol, Big D, you're a smart caveman.

I grew up in snow. I miss the four seasons. I don't miss wiping out on my bike delivering newspapers.

However, East Coast guys don't spend as much money on service, tires or fuel. They get Christmas two times a year. At Christmas and again in spring when the riding season starts.

Mr.M makes a good point about the snowmobile. We dont get to ride those around here, unless it's a DeLorean. (remember the snow sled?)lol

B.B. said...

I grew up mostly in Utah, very hot in summer, super cold in winter. I do NOT miss the snow. But I would like to see the seasons change, I miss actually having 'fall'.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Pleased to meet you Willy D! Now run for your life! Just kidding. We look forward to your contribution into the fray! I'll leave all your initiation fun to Big D. I'm sure he'll make it most interesting for ya!

Welcome to our little blogging community. :)

Willy D said...

Ann: I called sister in Flagstaf, she's on the way ! Oh wait, she moved to Tennesee last year, sorry.

Mr.M: I spent many months on snowmobiles in Upstate NY. Your correct, it's fun, but just not the same.

Big D: Easy! Who ever said life was easy? I will however retract the "caveman", and use "so easy a Barista could do it".
Kingpin ? The Rider, Oct. 2,2007 ?

b.b.-Dave: We can go to Tahoe, play in the snow and then LEAVE !

FLHX_Dave said...

Hah! I forgot about that.

Doug K. said...

I grew up in California and have lived in AZ since '81. I've seen snow in movies. Looks like awful stuff. As a friend from Michigan told me after he moved to AZ "It might be 110° but I'll never skid off the road because of the heat."

And welcome to the blogging world. Looks like you're off to a good start!


mrs rc said...

Welcome Willy!

I lived in Maryland my whole life, until 3 years ago when I moved all of the way to Delaware! We have all of the seasons, and neither summer nor winter are particularly extreme. I think I'll stay.

My hubby (R/C) grew up in Mass, CT, and Maine...went to college in Rochester NY...and then got the hell out! He's quite happy to be "down south", away from so much cold/snow...even if it is just about 5 miles this side of the Mason-Dixon line!

One day I will make it to the left coast to visit. :-)

Rick said...

Great Post!

Big Daddy said...

Shit, I Am impressed:]

Road Captain said...

Is there no snow on the entire West Coast?

Willy D said...

Oh yea, plenty of that "awful stuff" as doug k. calls it, in the mountians. That's why we only go to the high country in the summer & fall. Rest of the year we're flatlanders.