Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Political Question

Yes, I know that some people don’t like politics and won't comment on them. That’s fine. Just vote when it’s your turn. The question of the 2012 election, which is fast approaching, seems to be shaping up as a pretty darn important one. This could be the one that literary means sink or swim for the USA.

Everyone knows that I very rarely delve into politics. I’m an average citizen. I’m just not smart enough to know what’s good for our Country. I don’t have the criminal background to be a public official.

I just watched Greta Van Susteren interview Sarah Palin. In my opinion Sarah is one smart lady, compared to the current occupant of the Oval Office. So, if she decides to run in 2012, that would make it Palin v Pbo. Question: Who do you think would win that election? I think Palin would kick his ass and send him back to Chicago with his tail between his legs.


Arizona Harley Dude said...

I didn't see the interview, but I would vote Palin. pbo just ain't working for me.

Ann said...

I personally think she's a twit, but it took a lot longer than a year to get this country this screwed up. Maybe it will take more than a year to unscrew it? I'm just sayin'.

Lady Ridesalot said...

I agree with AZD... I would vote for Palin.

And I agree with Ann... It took more than a year to get things screwed up and will take more than a year to fix things... but we're on a speeding locomotive in the wrong direction if you ask me.

Willy D said...

AZHD: The interview seemed to unscripted and off the cuff. Or just good acting. Probably somewhere of the FOX website. I just got the impression she was being honest, which is a change.

Ann: A twit she may be, but she’s the only person right now that seems to have the balls to step up and pose a serious challenge to the “one”. Of course that may all change in the next 3 years. Get ready for the scandals, should be some goodies.

Lady R: You and Ann are correct. It took a long time to get to this point. Now the question is do we start applying the brakes on that run-away train? 3 more years of current policies I see as very damaging.

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Palin doesn't look as bad now does she??? Nope she sure doesn't...anyone looks better. I'm kind of even kicking myself for disliking Hill C so much. That brassy broad would have probably had more balls to do what needs to be done. Seriously...we need to stand up to the world and say "Enough Already!!" We are taking care of our own and if you all die over there in your 3rd world hole in the ground, so be it. If they need our help they need to ask for it and then pay us for being there. We don't need to think it's our duty to go on over to their land and save them. Seriously...wake up and see what we've done to this land of ours. Where has our pride in our country gone? I have a good idea that I heard from a very wise friend of all of the incumbents OUT.(and I think that's the mindset of the author of this blog too!) Why do we even have political parties anyway...have one party and two candidates and may the best person win. This whole Democrat and Republican crap is old and isn't working. Why should someone be able to be a lifetime politician...especially if they don't do anything to help this country? And why do we pay them so much to do it? We ask young men and women to fight for our country and put themselves in harms way and they make far less then a squishy politician. Doesn't that seem wrong to you? Do you honestly believe that most politicians would die for our country if asked to? Nope...Nope...I would say Nope! Ok...I've said enough...I'm on the watch dog list for sure now. Happy Day! :)

Dean "D-Day" said...

I can't comment too much because the black helicopters already circle my house on a daily basis.

I will "second" IHG's commments though.

Willy D said...

IHG: I hope Sarah does run. Damn she’s hot! (Mandatory male chauvinist pig comment). Mrs. C would probably be better than what we have now.
As for the 3rd world, it ‘s bothered me for years that we don’t take care of our own first.
Incumbents? See that little picture in the upper right? It’s staying till after the election. I have not, under any circumstances, voted for a incumbent. It’s against the few morals I have.
Most of the Founding Fathers were against multiple Parties. They knew it was trouble.
The current base-pay to join the Army and get shot at? $1294.50 per month ($15,534.00 per year). House and Senate base-pay? $174,000.00 per year. Something’s wrong here.
Just keep complaining. It’s the best way to be heard.

“D-Day”: Only twice a day? You need to piss more politicians off :)

WooleyBugger said...

Well for me I just didn't see any good candidates for election and never truly have. They all have their personal agendas after the votes are cast and nothing they say or promise before election in the best interests of the People is ever carried out.
What we need is somebody that can go up for election and say " I'm not doing it this parties way or the other parties way. I'm going to do it the right way for the country." So my vote would be for Uncle Ted, you know, Ted Nugent.

"Joker" said...

I was watching the rise of Sarah Palin l-o-n-g before anyone else except people in Alaska knew who she was. My old roommate and I are political junkies, constantly reading political blogs, op-eds and other articles, as well as watching the Sunday morning talk shows and Fox news. He listens to Rush faithfully, though I don't really have the time to.

My point is that whether you want to believe it or not, I predicted the rise of Sarah to the national political stage several months before her name was even whispered as a potential running mate for Johnny Mack. Why? Because the REAL news, which you don't get from the main-stream media, has to be sought out on the net. Conservative bloggers were talking and I was listening. I delved into her record as Governor and saw accomplishments that were hardly mentioned by the likes of Katie Couric. If her detractors spent even 1/2 the time I did doing a little Palin 101, they'd have a much higher opinion of her.

Believe me, she is no twit. That funny accent of hers doesn't equate stupidity, nor do her good looks. Sorry Willy, but under that skirt in between a pair of great legs are a set of balls the size of church bells, and likely brass too. Sarah Palin is very smart, and even more determined. Best of all, she can back up what she says, unlike the rest of these bastards.

Case in point, the biggest politically debated issue of the last 40 years: ABORTION. She can stand up there and say, "Yes, I think it's WRONG to kill a fetus because you were irresponsible and didn't use birth control. Here is my son with Down's Syndrome, who I could have murdered so I didn't have to deal with it, but kept out of love." Yet, she is reasonable enough to agree that it must be allowed in cases where the mother's life would be at risk in continuing a pregnancy.

There will always be other issues not everyone will agree with, like cases involving rape/incest, etc. But the point is that unlike any other candidate, she holds credentials on the issue that the others simply can't touch. That's what we need in a President. Someone who stands up for something they can actually back up with life experience.

We've had enough goddamned lawyers. I say it's time for a Hockey Mom that will shoot you as soon as look at you if you piss her off. She's closer to "us" than any viable presidential candidate in my lifetime. If we pass her up for more glorified used-car salesmen, we have only ourselves to blame.

Willy D said...

WooleyBugger: Uncle Ted would probably do very well in public office. Unfortunately, I don’t think he would put up with all the BS for more than two minutes. I don’t think the President is allowed to use Congress for target practice. Although I think it’s a darn good idea.

“Joker”: Don’t get me wrong; we’re on the same side here. I voted for her once and if she runs I’ll vote for her again. Of all the potential candidates out there she’s the only one that doesn’t give a crap about being PC. When interviewed, most people spend the time explaining what the problem is. When I’ve seen Sarah interviewed, she’s spent little time stating what the problems are because we all know what they are. Instead, she spends the interview time explaining solutions. Now I can’t say that I agree with her solutions 100%, but at least she has some that make sense. Everyone else just continues to bitch, pass the buck and point fingers with no solutions. As for the “brass balls”, I just want to tickle them, once ;)

FLHX_Dave said...

Hmmmm....Palin is sorta hot in a bitchy, librarian way. I guess rubbing one out while thinking about her in the oval office might be a trip?

Seriously though...

mq01 said...

bring THE NUG!!!!!!!!! now theres some balls...

Willy D said...

Dave: A hot, bitchy librarian. Now there’s a flashback to 7th grade.

mq01: “THE NUG”? Sorry. That went over my head.