Sunday, January 17, 2010

Semi Tech Tip

Here’s a tech tip that might work on bikes or it might not. It might not even be a tech tip. It could be the ramblings of a lunatic. Or perhaps, the wisdom of pure geniuses.

I have a combo fan / light in the living room that works by remote. That means that the wall switch for it has to stay in the up / on position.

My kid likes to leave the driveway light on because it’s dark when she gets home. Daddy don’t want the light left on. Daddy has to pay the electric bill. So Daddy puts a nice automatic light up for the driveway. So now the wall switch for the outside light must also be left in the up / on position. Now the light goes on and off like magic. Saves Daddy money. Me likes money. But I’ve also noticed that she still turns the switch off when she comes inside. Just one of those habits. I’ve done it myself. You don’t know it until wonder why the light’s not working.

So here’s the tip part: If you have wall switches that have ADD, (activation direction dysfunction), like mine do, try this; Mount the switch up side down. Keeps people from turning off what you wanted left on.

If this has helped just one person have a better running bike then my work here is done. So until next time, this is your Uncle Willy saying: “Be kind to your neighbors. They know where you live”.


Arizona Harley Dude said...

I’ve studied the schematic and for the life of me I don’t know what part number 175 is. Other than that the semi tech tip makes perfect sense to em, tub, m'I ylamron a sdrawkcab dnik fo yug.

.ynaM sknahT

Ann said...

How sad is it that I had no trouble reading AHD's comment? What does that say about me?

Nice semi-tech tip Willy.

Anonymous said...

Try a switch guard, it mounts to the two screws that hold the switch plate on. You should be able to find it in a hard ware store or Homedepot.

Willy D said...

AZHD: I don’t know what it is either. I didn’t draw that mess. But it looks like a contact point that’s operated by spring #194. The broken lines that it’s drawn with indicate that you’re looking through something. So in this case, when properly assembled it would be positioned behind shaft #94.
Ain’t nuting wrong with being sdrawkcab. Sometimes it works better.

Ann: Maybe it says that you’ve been in that hot AZ sun too long. Time to go play in the snow.

Anonymous: Yes, a guard would do the trick, but it has one drawback; Me! I have a bad habit of not using parts the way they were intended to be used. It’s just more fun to mount the switch the wrong way.

Canajun said...

Of course you could just take the switch out and wire the circuit directly. But I expect, based on your schematic, that would be much too easy. :)

Willy D said...

Canajun: That’s a good idea. But if I do that I think I’ll climb up the pole and wire it to my neighbor’s house. Let him pay the bill.

KT Did said...

Ooohhhhhhhhhhhh.... Sheer F'n genius!! I have a ceiling fan that works the same... light switch on...but I have two switches for it in the same room. Never fails...ADD happens. I am doing this! Simple solutions make me HAPPEEEEE!

Willy D said...

KT: The only reason I did it was because both of these switches are next to other switches. And it never fails, someone turns them off.

WooleyBugger said...

Thats freaking genius, see, thats what happens when your have your hands in grease and oil all day, it fuels ya brain.
This gives me a great idea when visiting family and friends. Turn one of the switches in their house upside down but don't tell em.

Did you know that one and one makes three? Teachers have been screwing that one up for years.
(just thought I'd throw that in here for stihs dna selggig)

Word veri "tegor"

"Joker" said...

That would probably look better than a piece of duck tape over the switch, wouldn't it? ;)

Willy D said...

WooleyBugger: I wish you hadn’t put that idea in my head. Nobody will let me in their house once word spreads as to what I’m doing to their switches.

“Joker”: I didn’t even think of duck tape. I could color coordinate with that stuff.