Friday, February 12, 2010

Decisions Decisions

This is really hurting my brain. Some decisions are just hard. I can’t figure out which direction to go. If I go down the coast it’ll probably drop into the high 50’s. Head north through the valley should yield some mid 60’s. Or east for a ride in the redwoods, where I suspect Ma Nature will be flirting with 70.

Hey but wait. It gets worse than that. Not only don’t I know which direction to go, but I was in the garage BS’ing with some neighbors when I figured out that I can’t decide which bike to take either! Ain’t that a bitch! I guess it really don’t matter which direction I go or which bike tags along, the point is; I’ll be ridding while some of you poor bastards are up to your butt cheeks in white wet crap. I hear there’s been some pretty nasty storms f’ing with some of you. That really sucks.

I feel for you, I really do. But after living in that white evil for 20 years, I can’t ever imagine living in it again. I promise I’ll twist the throttle, hard, for the Brothers and Sisters that can still keep their food down while looking at snow through the window.


Big Daddy said...

What Snow??????

Lady Ridesalot said...

I think Dean would find it terribly funny to know... that Alabama is covered in snow right now!
Not only did we get some decent fluff (actually it's very wet) yesterday, but it's still here this morning! That NEVER happens. Whenever we are blessed with snow fall, it's usually gone within 3 to 4 hours. But, our temps are so frigid right now, that it's not melting and we woke up to the blanket of white still covering everything. And WAY too frickin' cold to ride!
Dean would say... that's karma!

Twist the throttle hard for me one time. I won't be using mine today. :(
BTW... take the one in the middle and head for the redwoods! ;)

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Willy D you are one sadistic Bastard.

I love it!!!

MeanDonnaJean said...

Oh jeez, my heart really BLEEEEDS for ya with all them rotten ridin' decisions ya simply cannot make...

Bragger! ;-)

With all this damn snow still lurkin' around its a wonder we can even SEE out the friggin' windows!

Willy D said...

Big D: What! You mean you don’t have any snow there in the middle of the desert? That darn global warming! See what it’s done.

Lady R: Last I heard, Dean made a voodoo doll shaped like Alabama, stuck a crap load of needles in it and put it in his freezer. I guess it worked.

AZHD: Sadistic? If I came across as sadistic I apologize. I was simply sending out my warmest heart felt condolences to all those who have to keep their snow blower in the living room so they can get out when they open the door.

MDJ: Head down to Joe’s Hardware at 29th and 10th. I reserved a snow shovel in your name. Hope it helps.

mrs road captain said...

thanks so much. Your considerateness & generosity towards those of us who have gotten 4 feet of white stuff in the past week is completely underwhelming....

oh well, go have fun! (somebody's got to!)

mq01 said...

so???????? what did you do? with which one? where? inquiring minds... :)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Quoted from a fellow bloggers blog, this is what I gotta say. It ain't always sunny, being sunny.

"Since it got hot so early this year, I'm not really looking forward to riding anywhere, and it's a good thing, as (insert name of said motorcycle here) is all tore-up for now. It's going to be 107°F in the desert southwest today. We're flirting with a record high."

When that happens, it''l be about 75 and beautiful with lush green hills everywhere here.

But for today, yeah, I'm a bit jealous.

Dean "D-Day" said...

I'm not even going to grace this post with my words of wisdom.
(You bastard!)

Willy D said...

mrs rc: 4 ft. of that stuff? I’d be looking for a moving van.

mq01: I took the old Sporty and rode around the foothills down south for a while, alone. Everyone else was busy kissing their spouses asses. Wussies.

Mr. M: “75 with lush green hills”. That day is right around the corner. Hang in there.

“D-Day”: You called it. I are one.

WooleyBugger said...

I'll take the 78 FXS Shovel, I mean if I gotta be around snow I should have a nice shovel , right.

Willy D said...

WooleyBugger: A Snow-Shovel. LOL