Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Plan

There’s more to a bikini Birthday bash than the party, there’s the trip there. So here’s the plan: I’d like to get out of here around 3-4 on Friday afternoon. That should put us somewhere on the Tehachapi Pass around 0:Dark 30. Find a place for the fartsack and some deep thoughts. Then, and only then, ride into the Desert at sunrise. It’s one of the best head-shrink sessions that money can’t buy.


Lady Ridesalot said...

Wow... that sounds like really great plan. How fast can you mount a camera? You've gotta record this one for me. Pleeeeeeese??

I keep having these wonderful thoughts of my trip across the US to visit all my new riding/blogging pals. Until that happens, I need you to feed me. I would love to see the desert at sunrise.

Have a great ride!

Ann said...

The desert at sunrise is AWESOME! I wish all my blogger friends could make it to my party. :( Maybe on my 40th?

Willy D, I am glad you have a plan. What's this about a BIKINI birthday bash? Who said anything about bikinis? ;)

Ride safe....can't wait to see you and Dave! :)

ratone said...

Hey, You might be riding right by my shop..Drop me a line at by and say howdy..

mq01 said...

have fun!!!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Sounds like therapy to me.

WooleyBugger said...

Sounds like a great plan and yes, film at eleven please.