Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Battle Rages On

Most of us have seen this poster from somewhere back in the 70’s. I’ve always liked it because it symbolizes how this country was formed. Weather you’re on the side of the mouse or the bird it doesn’t matter. We had one last great act of defiance against the King and came away with a Country.

Since this is the first day of a new year I wondered what could be my first act of defiance this year. I get into decusions about politics a lot. When we get to the Constitution most people talk crap but get it wrong. I carry a copy at all times. One in my truck, one in the map pocket of my riding jacket. When I take it out and set them straight on the facts, not what somebody told them the facts are, they usually agree and would like to learn more.

So I found a bookstore that was open on New Years Day a few town away, went there and got the copies of the Constitution they had in stock. There’re small and can be kept in the bottom of a saddlebag to be given to folks who think they know something but really don’t know shit.

I consider this act defiant because the government doesn’t want common folk reading such propaganda. I can only lead to no-good and them possibly loosing their cushy job. Plus the purchase of said propaganda puts money into the economy and helps keep private sector jobs. Something else they don’t want.

I’m also sure that the video of me at the cashier was sent to some dark government room someplace. After all, one person buying multiple copies of the U.S. Constitution can only mean one thing: “Damn troublemaker!”


Dean "D-Day" said...

What a great idea!
Too bad it really doesn't matter anymore what was actually written once upon a time. The Constitution has come to have whatever perverted meaning the politicians and judges have given it.

Keep fighting the good fight my fellow patriot. Our kind is a dying breed.

FLHX_Dave said...

You always have the constitution handy...sorta freaked me out though...heh

Talk about getting a wild hair up your ass...I just went out to ride in the hurricane....that's why I'm sitting here in your garage.

Happy New Year! A new year of freedom...well, at least as much as they will allow us to have anyway.

WooleyBugger said...

Ohh, Ohh, I want a copy (really). Something to study up on at work...during lunch, I mean at work not while working at work but you know at break...maybe.

The constitution needs to be taken for what it says and not what politicians want to twist it around to mean when it suits them best.

Baron's Life said...

Politicians everywhere in the world will manipulate their people in order to hang on to power...and this applies to democratically elected as well as self appointed politicians. The trick in countering this is to improve education at all levels of are doing the right thing by distributing copies of the constitution.
Maybe, just maybe, we should all put a link to the constitution on our web sites and blogs...with a link saying: "Know your rights" or something like that

mq01 said...

excellent, great idea willyD, i'd like to carry it too so i put the US Constitution on my bookstore list. and hey, sounds like a great way to have spend NY!!! :) happy new years!

ratone said...

Simple,,,watching as the left bastardize our was wrote plain and simple,,so the minions could read and understand it, with forethought as to where government would go and to give we the people the right to defend ourselves against tyranny..What the founding father could not project was that we the people would turn to we the sheepeole..this last year we rallied some..a tiny we need to move forward and expand our grip on those we voted in...twisting as need until we hear them squeak the proper response..

Will Tax For Food said...

You defiant SOB! How dare you actually spread the truth to the ignorant masses!

Good job!

motoroz said...

Love the idea. You probably just pushed the sells of the Constitution to new heights. Going to get mine this weekend.

Rhonda said...

I'm a secret agent and just discovered your plan on distributing illegally..I'm on to you, you better watch yourself. Kidding of course! Right on man, keep pushing the good stuff!

Cynthia said...

The constitution is something that everyone should be familiar about but it's not happening. The government uses it for their own good, while the people does not even know how to use it for their own good. The constitution is first and foremost for the people.