Tuesday, November 15, 2011

11-11-11 Parade

Here’s the pictures from the First Annual Salinas Veterans Day Parade. No editing, no nothing. Just the way they were taken. If anything is out of focus just squint and take a shot of JD. You’ll never know the difference.


mq01 said...

no JD for me but that was a great turnout! wow yay!

Lady R said...

Looks like a pretty good parade for a first one!

When I was growing up in Iowa, my town had parades for everything. My favorite part of the parade (besides the marching bands) were the horses with the riders dressed for the rodeo. We could always tell when the parade was over... they were always last. (plop... plop)

Glad to see a pretty nice showing and I'm sure the Veteran's in your area really appreciated it.

Great pics! (After 3 shots of JD, that is!)

WooleyBugger said...

Thanks for sharing, enjoyed the pics and the tunes.

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