Monday, December 5, 2011

Chain ?

In keeping with Wooley’s theme of wondering about stuff on Monday’s, there’s something I’ve always wondered about…chain. Good ole’ tow-chain, tie-down-chain, just chain. The stuffs been around forever. Nothing beats a six foot piece of chain when the need a’rises. Here’s the question: Why is it you always see someone ‘dragging’ a chain?

If anyone can answer that, please enlighten this old fart. It’s always puzzled me. I was puzzled by that chicken or the egg thing for years until I found out it was the ‘rooster’.


Arizona Harley Dude said...

While not an expert I believe "dragging the chain" means no sense doing today what can wait until tommorow.

I would expand more, but it will keep in my mind for a bit.

mq01 said...

hmmm, donno, but at least its a chain, maybe its useable in am emergency. but now im gonna ask it; wtf is up with those daingly balls?!? oooh that needs to be a post... >:)

Big Daddy said...

There is two commonly held beliefs stating the orgin of the Idiom.
To lag behind your co-workers in a chain gang.
Failure to raise or set anchor.
Not raising in times of pursuit for battle....or not dropping in time to hold steady anchor.

dave said...

You ever try to push a chain???

WooleyBugger said...

Wait! Huh! What was the question again?
I know, I have a Ball and chain, or maybe tis the other way around. Depends on which one you ask I guess.
Wait! Huh! What was the question again?

Willy D said...

AZHD: That’s a good way to describe old farts like us.

mq01: What dangly balls you talking about? Is your mind in the gutter again?

Big D: I’ll go with the Sam Cook song. Bring back chain gangs.
And watch who you’re calling a Idiom. I ain’t that smart.

dave: You win! That’s the answer I was looking for. You can claim your prize by sending me $29.99 to cover shipping and handling.

Wooley: And she keeps them in a jar on the nightstand.

Webster World said...

To see someone dragging a chain as like behind a car or truck I'd say they are too lazy to hook it proper or just plan stupid.

Willy D said...

Webster: When I see one dragging, I get far away from the fool. Any load is unpredictable when you loose it.

Webster World said...

Willy I see that and I get the f*#* back fast. Dumb asses.

Woody said...

I always assumed ya drug it for the sparks. Kinda that 4th a July effect.

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