Sunday, April 1, 2012


This is for IHG just because she asked. That and I can’t say no to a pretty girl.

It’s back in one piece. There are some changes from the previous picture. I’ll let you guess what they are. I got to meet the last owner. He purchased it in Santa Barbara, CA in Oct. of 2001. That’s kool because now I’ve got a history of all the modifications you can’t see. And this thing has a bunch of them. All performance or comfort changes. No extra do-dads that serve no purpose. While still keeping a mainly stock appearance.

The way it is here is the way I’ll probably keep it. The only things I want to add is the full saddlebag guards and a luggage rack on the trunk. And if anybody has any they ain’t using…..


Webster World said...

Looks real good. Love the Flag in the back ground.

mq01 said...

now thats a stable!

WooleyBugger said...

Ltes. see, ya changed the oil, tranny oil, air cleaner, seat, adjusted primary chain, and different points/electronic timing cover. Oh wait, one more thing, ya took out the Lawerence Welk CD and put in a Greatful dead CD. Now she's a perfect.

Willy D said...

Webster: A flag right next to a bunch of Harleys. Sometimes it amazes me at some of the dirty looks that combo gets.

mq01: I prefer the term ‘harem’. A ‘stable’ just causes to much shit.

Wooley: I also took a jigsaw to it and drilled holes through shiny chrome brackets. CD? No way. It’s got the factory cassette deck. And it’s staying that way.

bobskoot said...

Willy D:

I love your Harem, and also your Shark Audio. That's what I need, some tunes while riding

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WooleyBugger said...

I'm beginning to think we've been had. After all, it was an April 1st post.

Willy D said...

bobskoot: Shark just did a 600W w/USB, SD, input plug, FM and handlebar mounted wired remote. It’s going to replace the 250W that’s on the Heritage now.

Wooley: What makes you think you’ve been had? I’m a old fart. I have no sense of humor.

IHG said...

Ok...I'm really late but I have a really good excuse. I've been working way too much and haven't had any time for anything else. Booooooooooo! She looks pretty and thanks for posting the put back together photos! :) Oh and for the compliment. Chicks over 40like to hear that stuff and often. LOL

Janet Ndinda said...
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