Friday, November 21, 2008

And The Nobel Peace Prize For Fiction Goes To:


Any of you 40 or 50 something biker types that entered this world of two wheels on the kind of great fiction that sprang from the pages of Bike Rags like Easyriders in the 70's and 80's, listen up. Even some of you young snot-noses will enjoy this.

There's a new award-winning writer in town. Check out Big Daddy's latest work of fiction, Desert Vengeance, is packed full of bikes, babes, more bikes, good guys, bad guys, brotherhood, respect, deceit, intrigue, suspense and more bikes.

The action is fast paced. The writing is superb. The locations are familiar. The detail is amazing. The story line is 100% factual and believable. No James Bond bullsh*t.

I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a action packed read you can't put down to click over and check it out. While your there, check out Big D's older post. You'll find more amazing works of fiction.

If you've never read Big D's writing before, new to the Blogs, or just surfing the Web and you like what you read, please feel free to leave a comment. If you don't like something, still feel free to leave a comment. Constructive criticism is one of the best tools we should all have the ability to use.


Ann said...

Willy D: You rock! Thank you! :)

Webster World said...

I've read some of his work. You are right. I think his work is very good.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Love the Big D.!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Big D has a way with words and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Go Big D!

Anonymous said...

Good enough writing but OMG these have been done thousands of times. Not enough of you old timers out there to enjoy them again and again. Just my opinion.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Hey, Who you callin Old????? LOL!

Webster World said...

I like getting old. It's the opposite that would be a B*#*h.

B.B. said...

When it comes to literary greats, they never get old, just passed on to future generations.

Willy D said...

Ann: I sincerely hope that Big D does manage to get published. I think he really loves writing. And what's better than doing what you love?

By the comments I've seen on different blogs I'm sure everyone feels the same, except Anonymous. I allow anonymous comments because I think everyone is entitled to their opinion. But if they hide behind anonymous I'll take that comment for what it's worth. And more often than not, it aint worth shit.

TRT said...

Already checked his writing out...good stuff.

Big Daddy said...

Anonymous does have a point.
It can get old.
Thats why I don't write revenge type storys.
Most of the older easyrider storys had a common theme, revenge against the 'Man' or wife or nieghbor etc.
Not a lot of them were about the love of riding or the bikes.
Perhaps anonymous should have read a few rather than guess what they were about.
Thanks for the plug:]
And wheres that award I won?

Willy D said...

Big D: Good point on the "common theme". But does that mean that someone would pre-judge something without checking it out? How could that happen.

As for the plug - anytime. Anything you need. Hell, I'll even talk bikes with ya.

The award - that's in the mail along with the royalty checks I returned to Ann. LOL