Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Mouring Rant

I don't usually rant or bitch in a public forum, but some of this crap is really pissing me off. This bailout shit is going to far. The government has nothing except what it takes from you. First, a crap load of people sign a mortgage there is no way in hell they can pay and we have to save them. Screw them! Then, big ass banks and mortgage companies get screwed because the above mentioned idiots can't make their payments. Who the fu*k decided to lend them the money? So we have to save them too, while the CEO's are making millions. Screw them too! Now we have to save the Big 3 car makers. Why? They say to re-tool to make more efficient autos. WTF have they been doing with their R&D money? Having party's? Paying billions to the big wigs? Double fu*k'n screw them! Did Toyota and Honda just start doing business here last week? Didn't these asshole see the writing on the wall? If they can't cut it, close your doors. Let someone who knows how to run a business take over.

Would it cost jobs? Probably. Could it cost me my job? Maybe, so be it. It might take 30-40% unemployment before folks start to march on government offices and say "What The Fu*k Are You Doing In There"? Who the hell are you representing? It sure as shit isn't us.

Everybody bitches about these morons in office. So how do you explain 80-90% of them getting re-elected year after year after year? Can you think of one damm thing your Congressman or Senator has done that has made a positive impact on your life? The only thing any of them have done is become a millionaire at our expense! Representative Republic my ass. Most voters are dumb asses. Stop voting for incumbents. One term, your ass is out, period.

And yes, we are to blame also. We let this shit happen. We are just as greedy. Any of you that are union members, sorry but, the modern union is bankrupting businesses and municipalities. Work for 20-30 years. Retire in your 40's or 50's. Receive 75-100% of your pay until you die. Plus full benefits. This is unsustainable and won't last long. Cities are already filling for bankruptcy because of it. Retirees pay is the biggest part of any budget. Where's the personal responsibility's? Where's the incentive to save for yourself? Gone. Cradle to Grave.

I don't know if the American Dream is dead or alive. Or if it's even awake. But I am sure that if we don't stop worrying about every little piss ant county on the earth, and start taking care of us, the US, we're screwed. One, maybe two generations will see a new country. "The United States Of America" will become "The United Socialist States Of America".

Now go for a ride and enjoy the freedoms we still have.


Ann said...

You're preachin' to the choir, Willy D. We are in BIG trouble and the next few years, at least, are going to suck ass. Our economy is in the toilet and someone just flushed.

The American Dream is turning into "Just getting by" and that's really shitty.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Wow, you must have been listening to my conversation the other day! Rave on!

"Joker" said...

Right on Willy.

Yeah, this country is going straight to hell alright, and it seems like there's nothing guys like you and me can do but sit back and watch. I voted, but I live in the liberal capital of America, so my vote basically never counts. Here, they'd vote for Barney the Dinosaur if he had a "D" after his name. Hell, if I changed my last name to Kennedy, I could probably get elected. People would be too fucking stupid to find out I was no relation.

One of the reasons for the mortgage crisis is that the Clinton Administration put huge pressure on Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac to relax their lending policies to make it more "fair" to those who are less fortunate. In other words, they forced them to lend to deadbeats so they could say how "progressive" they were. Political correctness over fiscal responsibility. Of course, who did it get blamed on? Bush. Who ends up paying for it? Us.

As far as the Big 3 go, I agree they knew this was coming for years. Unfortunately, if they go under, the ramifications from it would be very bad. So bad I'm not sure letting it happen is a good idea. The only defense I have for them is the unions are killing them. You have 3rd and 4th generations of dopes who get $50 bucks an hour to tighten the same set of bolts every day.

I'm actually a member of a trade union myself, and I know what goes on. Originally the unions were a good idea, to protect workers rights from exploitation by unscrupulous employers, like Henry Ford, who was an asshole. Now, it's gone to the other extreme where it's become a place for assholes to hide because their father or uncle was in the union. It's total socialism. A guy who doesn't rate carrying my tools for me makes the same as I do, but does next to nothing on the job. Why? Who he's related to, or because he's in tight with the Business Agent. Or, he has dirt on somebody.

Now that Obama is in, things will only become worse. During the last 4 years, guess who Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac have contributed the most money to? That's right sports fans, Barack Hussein Obama. Who's number two? That would be Sen. John Forbes (aka "Purple Hearts") Kerry, D, MA. 3rd? Teddy Kennedy's long time booze buddy and skirt chaser, Sen. Chris Dodd, D, CT.

Start hoarding guns, ammo and food down in your cellar now. With the 3 Stooges (Obama, Pelosi and Reid) running this country, they are going to run wild. Some serious shit is coming!

Willy D said...

ann; Loved the toilet analogy.

d-day; This is the same conversation I hear everyday.

joker; Why do we know this shit but it still happens? Are we a country of dumb asses? You hit the nail on the head. One more swing of the hammer and we're nailed.

One good note I just heard about yesterday, I'll check into it.The Nov. 4 election in Orange County CA had Measure J. Passed 75.4% to 24.6%. What was it? Any increase to Public Employes benefits must be put on the ballot. The Union is going ape shit. The folks who got it done are going to try for a state wide (CA) ballot in 2010. I'll vote for it. It's tax money, we should have a say. I hope this catches on all over the U.S.

Webster World said...

Willy, I think we may have come to be dumb asses. And I agree 1 maybe 2 terms then you are out of there. I live in what was once the largest GM employed city in the world.(and no it was not motown)We once had 84,000 GM and related jobs in Flint. Now there are about 4000 or 5000 I think. The union said vote for the Dem's they are for the working man. WHAT are they nuts. They kept voting these 2 or 3 jerks in for the last 30 or 40 years and we keep losing jobs. The only working man they are working for is that man you said wants to be a millionaire It was the UAW that grabed GM by the nad's in the 70's by going on strike all the friggin time. This was during the first oil problem. The UAW folks already had every holiday paid off. Two weeks in the summer for change over and two weeks paid off at X-mas time. But that was not enough. They ended up with like 12 more paid days off.With 30 and out. I had a lot of freinds that worked there (and willy if you can remember the 70's) there was a lot a lot of parting. The callin's to the plants was outragest. Their answer to that was f##k GM they got a lot of money. Well now those same assholes are losing benifits and are worried the retirement will go broke. And that is part of what GM wants money for. Now there where good folks working there but they were out numbered by the lowlifes. And the Big 3 your right . Those jerks the 70's should have told them of what was to come. They are in it for the bonuses and kick backs only.Oh man I could go on and on about all these guy's. I could right a book about The Down Fall of the Americn Worker Ethic. I've seen it coming since the early 70's. Thanks Willy for letting me vent about something I bitch about not often enough outside myself.

Webster World said...

Yea! And the dig 3 wants 25 billion. They flew there on big 3 Lears. Friggin AIG owns 7 of them. Now I only by American. No Toyota for me but these sh#theads make it hard sometimes. But unlike them I still remember the American worker. If I fail to do so the huger shop goes under too. Thge people on the hill have no idea. You can't imagine all the other things that go broke when one of the big3 closes a plant. As the great Kate Smith sang God Bless America.

Webster World said...

That was (burger shop).

Willy D said...

Webster: hugre shop, burger shop. What's the difference. These ass holes won't stop till they screw us all into the ground.

One Harley Rider said...

Willy D - you are truth talker. The government knows that they will never run out of money as long as we are breathing.