Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday Ride

So the plan was to meet Becky (Biker Chickz) in Santa Cruz. B.B. riding solo, Dave packin’ Riley, and me two-up with my wife Carolyn. We hit Santa Cruz and the weather is great, in the 70’s. We all meet up and decide where to go. The decision is to head over to the Beach Boardwalk and then south down the Pacific Coast Highway. We head out with Dave in the lead. The turn off for the boardwalk is a 3 or 4 lane road. Somehow we miss the whole thing. Remember, it’s follow the leader. So we head down the PCH about 20 miles and pull over to check out the scenery. The spot we stopped at was cool. High up on the cliffs looking out over the Pacific Ocean. The coolest part was the seagulls. Even though they were flying several hundred feet over the water, to us they were at eye level.

Looking down he coast we could see the fog was coming in, heavy. A few miles down the coast the road drops down to sea level. Riding through the fog with limited visibility is not a fun way to spend a afternoon. We decide to double back and go up a road we passed named Bonney Doon Road. It looked liked it went into the mountains and none of us knew where it went. The best kind of road. It turned out to be a pretty good road. Lots of twisties running through the redwoods and several small towns. We stopped in one little town for pizza. Some of the roads had strange names.

Somehow we found our way back to Santa Cruz. Got off on Becky’s exit, everyone waved and Becky headed home. If anyone is wondering, Biker Chickz is doing fine. Her spirits are high and she’s not letting recent events get her down. She’s a tough lady and a survivor. I have no doubt she’ll come out on top.

Well we totally missed the exit to get back on Highway 1, so we decided to go find the boardwalk (again). We never did find it. But we found a spot that overlooked a wharf and beach. I think it was Capitola Beach. We eventually found Highway 1, got back to Salinas, had some spectacular coffee and went home. I would say that it was nothing special, just a day of riding. But any day you spend with friends taking new roads is special.


"Joker" said...

Looks like an awesome time to me. Glad you guys are looking out for sister Becky. I have no doubt she'll come out on top either; it's always been one of my favorite spots ;)

Baron's Life said...

Great pictures and story...seems like you guys actually had a good time. Thanks for sharing the story

mrs rc said...

Looks like a great day. Nothing extraordinary, just good riding with good friends...good stuff!

Becky said...

Right on, brother! It was a pleasure riding with y'all and it really improved my attitude. We'll ride again soon.


Ann said...

Looks like it was a good time. I'm a bit jealous, as Annabelle only started running again last night. But that's that she's in top form again, it won't be long before we're back on the road!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Sounds like a great way to spend any Saturday! Loved seeing the ocean! I would love having that view so close to me.

Our Saturday was wrecked with tornadoes and thunderstorm warnings until about noon. Took advantage of a little housework that needed doing. Ugh!

Glad to see Becky got down to see you and share a little road therapy. Riding for me make's any problem seem a little less ominous!

Sure would have rather been with ya'll! ;)

chessie said...

I love riding the PCH...and you really caught my attention once you rolled off the highway for the smaller secondary road you took toward the mountains! I love doing makes getting up all worth while!

Y'all live in a wonderful part of our great West...and I am glad to see more pictures of the places I tend to miss more than others! Thanks

B.B. said...

It was an awesome ride! You beat me with the post!

FLHX_Dave said...

Hey, did you see the traffic! Yeah, I opted to avoid all noise and hit the open road.

Amazing how you can go from 60 degrees to 80 in just a few miles. I'll have to post some of my picts.

Joker, does that pict qualify me for you double eagle club?

Willy D said...

“Joker” “Joker” “Joker”: There you go with the smut again!
That’s why we love ya Brother!

Baron: It’s always a good time when you’re riding.

mrs rc: You can never go wrong with friends.

Becky: Ditto. It always helps my attitude, which always needs adjusting. Next time, Half Moon Bay? Seafood?

Ann: Hey, you’ve got the AZ Bike Week this weekend! I’m the one that’s going to be jealous ;)

Lady R: When we were little bikers we would go ride our bicycles in thunderstorms. Now, years later, I might stay in and do housework also. Course it would be in the garage and involve tools:]

chessie: Coast on one side, mountains on the other. It’s a hard choice. But when you spot a road you don’t remember, that’s the one to take!

B.B.: Don’t let that stop you. I was asleep the whole time and can’t remember a thing!

Dave: Traffic? No such thing as traffic on a bike.

"Joker" said...

Dave: Absolutely brother; you're IN!

Big Daddy said...

I would have loved to be on that trip.
I haven't had the chance to do the PCH on a bike.
It's definately on my 100 list.
All that talent with you and no double owls?
Yer breaking my heart.

Willy D said...

Big D: The PCH on a bike? It’s the same as going from Phoenix to Kingman. Except there’s water, mountains and “turns”. ;]
I gotta ask – double owls??

Dean "D-Day" said...

You say this was "nothing special".
Oh, I don't know. Looks like a perfect day to me.

Big Daddy said...

Double owls?
Never seen an owl looking down at ya?
Nice big "round" eyes.

Willy D said...

Dean: Nope. I said I would say that, but I didn’t. I’m crazy not nuts.

Big D: Gotca’. I just call em’ as I see em’: Boob’s ;]