Friday, April 3, 2009

Thought Of The Day

First it started out with this “Too Big To Fail” crap. Which led to:
Only Big American Monopolies Apply.

Then we started to see where this administration is going:
One Big Agenda Making Apparatus.

Now we’re kissing the Brit’s butts; who mentioned “New World Order” in their closing speech at that G20 fustercluck. Makes me think we might:
Offer British Armies Massachusetts Again.

Pretty soon, in order to keep us quiet and not let others know what’s happening, they’ll have to start:
Orderly Beating America’s Malcontent Adults.

The way the cards are being dealt so far, it’s starting to look like:
One Big Astounding Mistake America!


Dean "D-Day" said...

Definitely an Overrated Blundering Activist Menacing America by Organizing Bureaucracy Against Middle America.

"Joker" said...

The worst is this in only the beginning; we still have almost four more years of this shit to endure.

Ann said...

You forgot: Overly Boastful About Minor Accomplishments and Our Biased American Media Applauds. :)

Mastercheif said...

Just think about what we have experienced Since Jan 21:

a 90% tax rate (AIG Bonuses).

ex post facto law (Tax on AIG bonus)

Mobs threatening the rich outside their palaces

President of US in essence firing CEO (GM CEO)

Limiting of salaries by goverment (500,000 cap)

Snubbing of our allies (British PM snub by persident)

placating rogue regimes (open talks with Iran)

All of the things that we fought to be freed from! Look at France. That is exactly where we are headed. A Miterand type France!! Bring back freedom toast!!!!!

FLHX_Dave said...

I'm moving to the south. This time around they are going to win.

I'm bracing myself as we speak. I have never really felt in danger from our governement my whole life. I always felt that they pretty much did what they were suppose to do (not perfect but better than any other government on the planet.) Not anymore and I'm not feeling too good about what's going on.

Do people really want to fix this? I don't think so. I don't see anyone around really doing much except trying to take care of themselves at the moment...or they are too busy looking for a handout.

I'm ready to assist in the party right about now.

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

I feel in danger too. Since "O" took over I've had this very uneasy feeling that at any moment we will be attacked by someone or that "O" will decide that all the people holding middle management positions need to step down. Or that out of the blue "O" will decide that motorcycles are now outlawed. You wait people...Our Freedom as we know it is in great jeopardy. I am scared!

Allen Madding said...

I justed check with my mortgage company again, and the abomination still hasn't paid of my mortgage. I guess his great salvation scheme is only for those who aren't working.

It seems it is all smoke and mirrors. Since the election, he has practically seized all American banks and is now trying to get congress to grant his administration to seize any private corporation that he deems critical to the national economy. I think there is a term for what the abomination is attempting, isn't it called socialism or communism? Didn't the USSR try this and end up on their face on cold ice and deep snow? Have we seen anything good come out of all his posturing and media opportunities? All the talk about pulling out of Iraq sounds great but he is just repositioning the troops to Afganastan for his own war.

I think I'd prefer to keep my freedoms and he can keep the change.


Willy D said...

“D-Day”: I see that you found the “theme”.

“Joker”: I’ll be watching your “count-down” counter.

Ann: “Minor Accomplishments”? The attempted (so far) take over of a free country? That doesn’t sound “minor” to me.

Mastercheif: The one that really burns my ass is the “ex post facto”. Article 1, section 9 of the U.S. Constitution prohibits this. WTF. I think all of Congress should be impeached.

Dave: I sure people “want” to fix it. But I also think we’ve let our government get so damn big that most people have forgotten who the hell works for who.

IHG: Being scared is a good thing. It means that you know something is wrong. Very wrong.

Allen: So do you think he’ll go after the large food producers next? And yes, we should keep a very close eye on Afghanistan. My trust factor is pretty darn low right now.

Baron's Life said...

something is very wrong...neither the Brits..nor the europeans give a shit oo what's happening west of the pond...they are about me, my mirror and myself...america always gave so generously to them...what did we ever get back...other than arguments, give me more and yes the help you sent is not enough...
and by the way, we will walk out if things don't go our way...France agreed to take...and get this folks..., 1 prisoner from guantanamabay...what a joke

Webster World said...

It is scary. If I have to die for the protection of our Constatution so be it.