Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Weekend - Thus Far

Saturday was good. The weather was overcast and never got above 60 degrees, but never the less, a ride must happen. Dave, Bob and I, (or me, I get those two mixed up), headed south on 101 to Soledad. Then picked up a back road that ran along the base of the mountain down to King City. In King City we headed into the mountains and went north on CA 25. 25 goes over several mountains, full of turns, straights, passes and cattle ranches. There was no real destination in mind, so we just ran CA 25 for about 100 miles and wound up on the other side of Hollister. Then back on 101 to Salinas. Just another day spent with friends. By the way, Bob’s a ex-HD salesman. But who am I to judge someone, we rode with him anyway. There were a few things that made for Kodak moments:

This mailbox was interesting. Someone put a lot of work into it.

This was strange. The guy’s got cars buried like headstones by his barn.

This one just made me feel proud of what this Country still stands for.

Sunday morning I decided to go too the top of the Grade separating Salinas Valley and Carmel Valley. If you get up there right at sunrise you can look down at Carmel Valley covered in fog before it burns off.

Well I got there in time to get a few pictures, but I also got a Easter present on the way. Heading out CA 68 to the Grade there’s not a car in site. Great. I get to the turn off, get in the left turn lane and wait on the light to change. Actually I was about to run the light. Like I said; “Not a car in sight”. All of a sudden I hear someone shouting “Hey”. I look to the right and there’s a CHP car next too me. Shit! Where did this guy come from? He’s a kid. Can’t be much older than my socks. As soon as he said “Slow down” instead of “Pull over” I knew it was my lucky day. Hey, I was doing 85 in a 55 zone and had a good idea it was illegal. When I got back to town I bought a lottery ticket for the April 15th , Tax Day, drawing.


Baron's Life said...

OK firstly, happy easter
secondly..I don't get it..did you or did u not get hit...
I know buying a lottery means probably you did not...but right now I AM NOT CLEAR ON THIS...explain...please for I am dumb and remember I do not cry so easily...and I am not blonde either...

chessie said...

Sounds like a really great couple of days! I have never escaped the wrath of the Highway Patrol...if they noticed me, I got a ticket...your a lucky dog, your lottery ticket ought to do you justice that day....

Lady Ridesalot said...

We had one nice "Deputy Fyffe" give us a warning once, and we considered our selves very lucky. He told us he had the reputation of being the meanest Deputy in that County. Whew. We escaped with our lives! LOL!

Glad you got to ride. My hubby and I stayed on the road all weekend. Too nice not to! :)

"Joker" said...

Yes, you did luck out. In my experience you never get a break from the young ones because they still have that overzealous hardon to go out and bust everybody they can find. He must've been off shift and on his way home.

Good luck with the lottery; hope ya win!

Mastercheif said...

Looks like you had a good time. Nice pics. Say hey to my bro for me.

FLHX_Dave said...

Saturday was a good run! I laughed my ass off when you told Bob, "You better start finding out where the dollar menus are bro."

Here is the truth of it all. I have found that if you look like a real dirt get the warnings. Don't know why. The cleaner riders get the tickets.

Have yet to understand this but whatever. Oh...yeah, I did just call you dirtbag didn't I brother.


Willy D said...

Baron: The CHP did not give me a speeding ticket. So I figured it was my lucky day and I bought a lottery ticket.

chessie: Yep, I’m a lucky dog. And I hauled ass over the Grade also!

Lady R: “He” told you he was the meanest Deputy in the County? Did he have a bullet in his pocket?

“Joker”: As far as I’m concerned I already won. I forgot to mention that it was also in a “construction zone”. In CA that’s a automatic “double fine”.

Mastercheif: Your Bro makes me laugh. Can’t help but have a good time.

Dave: Why I believe that’s one of the nicest things you’ve ever called me! Wink. Wink.

For anyone that didn’t get the “dollar menu”: When we hit Hollister it was eats time. Bob starts eyeballing “fancy” sit down places. You know, $15 - $20 a person. For some quick road kill? I don’t think so. So I say to Bob: “Bob, if your going to ride with us broke-dick mutha f*ckers you need to know who’s got dollar menus”. We went to Taco Bell. A buck three eighty. Full stomach, more $’s for gas.