Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Been Wrenching

OK, I ain’t been around much, but I have a excuse; I’ve been wrenching. After I did the valves and ignition on my old Sporty one thing led to another. You know, like potato chips or sex. Once you start you can’t stop. It was running pretty good but not great. That led to a clean out of the old S&S carb. Now it was running really good, but I wasn’t happy. Did a little clutch work and the clutch lever felt about ten pounds lighter. This thing had always been set up as a solo ride, so I decided to see how it handled two up. That meant a rear seat and pegs. I put the P-Pad on, but the passenger didn’t like it, (they can be quite bitchy at times). We settled on the stock seat with a sissy bar. I also stole back the windshield B.B. was using on her bike. Don’t worry; I gave her another one I had that she likes even better. Took it out on a few two up rides between 50 and 100 miles and I was surprised. It ran and handled great, but… it leaves oil spot everywhere. After taking parts back off I spot a worn oil feed hose. On the trailer and off to a good steam cleaning. Every oil line on the bike gets replaced and the oil spots go away. Or so I thought. Now I can see a leak at the tranny main shaft. Tear it apart again. Fix the main shaft. Now the oil spots are gone. Now the old Ironhead runs like a raped ape, it’ll do over 100 MPH with two up and handles great. Guess I’ll start using it. But now that this one is good to go I still need someplace to direct all my caffeine. So I dug the Shovel out of the corner.
Trailer Queen



Next Project


Big Daddy said...

Addictive shit ain't it LOL

Ann said...

Wow! I was wondering where the hell you were! Glad you're back. Don't be gone so long next time!

Yes, we can be bitchy about the seat. That's what really makes the ride for a passenger. That and the right pegs/boards. :)

Glad you got her running right. Can't wait to hear about your work on the shovel!

Allen Madding said...

ok...you baited me with the next project :) Liking it already. Wrench on my brother, wrench on.


Webster World said...

Looks good. Glad the ride is also.

mq01 said...

you had me at "chips or sex", lol...

yup, got a potentially bitchy seat issue myself...lol...but i wont get into the passenger thing ;) and hey you know, saddlemans are f'ing $$$$$ bucks!!! here i thought chrome was expensive...HAH

Willy D said...

Big D: Addictive, yes. Just like a woman. Fortunately you can ride both. Unfortunately both will cost you.

Ann: Where was I? I was trying to uphold the good name of BS Performance Systems. Getting left in the dust by a AZhole Preformance Sporty was embarrassing!

Allen: It all started with wanting to change the rear fender… Two years ago! Go figure.

Webster: I was surprised at how well the old bike rode. Of course it’s been 10 –12 years since I’ve really used it.

mq01: Eating chips in bed? A good seat is priceless on a long run.

mrs road captain said...

Let me see you sit on a 4x5 inch brick wrapped in leather, and see how much YOU bitch about it! LOL

good work. always feels geat when you finish a project, doesn't it? on to the shovel...

Willy D said...

mrs rc: A brick wrapped in leather might be better than some of the rear seats I’ve seen.