Sunday, July 5, 2009

Marshmallow 101

How to tell the sex of a marshmallow. More crap you never knew you wanted to know but were to afraid to ask.


Ann said...

I knew that voice sounded familiar! I didn't realize it was a Jackhole! :)

Dean "D-Day" said...

Too much free time on your hands this weekend?

Lady Ridesalot said...

LMAO!!! WTF???

Mmmmmmm. S'more!

I think Dean is right... too much time on your hand AND road rally withdrawl.

I sense another road trip comin' on.

B.B. said...

LMAO! Even though I was there, I still can't help but laugh!

FLHX_Dave said...

The story behing this was I was trying to prove that if I was normal, and talking about crap that most people talk about with the average white guy voice that I would be a total bore...Somehow I don't think I proved my point.

It's on WillyD...I declare WAR!!!

Actually, I think watching was funnier than actually being there.

Mastercheif said...

Ahhh, the great minds of our time sharing their brillance!

mq01 said...

LMAO...did u say warts!?!?!?!?!!?
......sick man, sick... LOL!!!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I thought I was the only one who would go there. We did a bit of marshmallow roasting over the 4th too. I had one that hung so low, it looked like a ballsack.

Ann said...

Mr. M: Did you eat it?

Willy D said...

Ann: See, not all jackholes are bad.

Dean: This was after the ride.

Lady R: But it’s a “good” withdrawal.

B.B.: Yep, Dave makes me laugh also.

Dave: Smile for the camera :)

Mastercheif: You’re going to make his head swell up!

mq01: Yes, that’s what he said.

Mr. M: Answer Ann’s question

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Of course I did. I sucked it right off. Then proceeded to lick the rest of the white sticky goo off of the stick.

O.K., This is all just wrong.

Big Daddy said...

At our 4th party I saw lots of simalar items like that.
Except the ones I saw weren't on a stick.
[OK some ended up on a stick...sort of]

Webster World said...

Nice and sick. Love it.

Willy D said...

Mr. M: You one sick puppy!

Big D: A camo stick?

Webster: The sicker, the better.

the rider said...

That is such a good video clip! The guys sitting around enjoying themselves and talking crap, it's a guy thing - we do it a lot here in South Africa as well. I really must get over to the US and join you guys for a ride and a braai (barbeque) soon.