Thursday, July 30, 2009

Something's Missing

This may sound strange, but I don’t think my 07’ Heritage is a Harley. For the last few weeks I’ve been riding the old Ironhead. Tonight I took the Softail out for a spin. I don’t think I got one block before something just didn’t feel right. The sound wasn’t right; the engine was just too smooth. There’s something about the sound of those old cast-iron engines that the aluminum ones will never have. The feel of the road under your ass wasn’t there either. The ride was just way too soft; almost as if, dare I say; riding a Goldwing! The Heritage had no vibration. I missed it. The new bikes are fine, but I miss the feel of riding a frame with a engine bolted to it. Your whole body going numb from the vibration. The term “Milwaukee Vibrator” use to mean something. Now it’s just something they sell at Victoria’s Secret. Or maybe I’m just getting old and slowly going nuts.


Big Daddy said...

I hear ya...I love my Dyna.
But she's no 'Annabelle'
When you wick her throttle...You damn sure know you did!

Lady Ridesalot said...

Hmmmmm... "Milwaukee Vibrator". LOL! Ever thought of renting out that Ironhead... by the hour? ;)

You'd make a killing on ladies night!

Ann said...

It's Ironhead Ladies' Night at WillyD's!!! LMAO~!

I know exactly what you mean. However, as I get older, I appreciate my ass and lower limbs going numb less and less. I'm funny that way. :)

I went from riding crotch rockets (way back in the day) to a hard-tail Triumph chopper, to a Honda Rebel, to Annabelle, to Marie. I think I've come a long way in the comfortable riding world. :)

Dean "D-Day" said...

You're not going nuts. You just miss that connection with the road.

I like to feel the bumps and vibrations. I purposely set my shocks as stiff as I can get 'em in order to feel the road.

fasthair said...

Dr. W: And here I thought it was just me. Of all the things that are great about my TC88B motor I really miss the feel of the Evo. Until I changed the seat to a much firmer one I thought for sure I would never have that great HD feeling again. But then again it's kind of nice to look in the mirrors at 80mph and SEE something, even if it is flashing lights:(



mq01 said... missing my carburated bitchy cold blooded sporty...damn...

FLHX_Dave said...

How in the hell do you think I can pull off long distance? The Heritage is much smoother than the Glide though so I can relate to what you are saying here in a sense. I guess you will have to let me take the Ironhead out for a test run just to fully appreciate your post here....pleeeeeaaassssse!

(I'm not getting on my knees either though)

Baron's Life said...

I know what you mean bro

Mr. Motorcycle said...

You da man! Most us us getting older are looking for more comfort and smoothness!

Ann said...

WillyD: I bet Dave will get on his knees!!!! ;)

Willy D said...

Big D: Yea, just something about the old ones. (Bikes and Bikers).

Lady R: How much should I charge? Or should I just use the barter system.

Ann: I wonder what the neighbors would do if I put up a neon sign on Friday nights?

“D-Day”: Glad you’re still around. Hard to explain, feeling everything lets you know you’re in control of the bike, not the bike in control of you.

fasthair: Ah the vibration mirrors! That’s one of the pluses. I don’t care what’s behind me!

mq01: I bet you’re just saying that ;)

Dave: OK. No knees, but I want flowers and candy!

Baron: Old & fast. The best combo.

Mr. M: Comfort is fine, but shaking the teeth out of your head is just plain fun.

Ann#2: Nah. I think that’s something he only does with buffalo!