Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Spare Parts"

I think I’m going to name this bike “Spare Parts”. That’s where a lot of the parts came from. Spare parts lying around, free parts from friends, found parts thrown away or just crap I couldn’t find so I just made. I’ve never named a bike before. I usually just call them bitch or piece of shit, and that normally has something to do with it refusing to start. So if this on refuses to start once in a while I can just shake my head and say; “You made it from ‘Spare Part’ what did you expect”?

There’s still a lot of small stuff to finish and I’m sure I’ll change some things, but it’s back in one piece and runs pretty darn good.
Starting Point
Two Weeks Ago


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Sweet. Wish I could tear a bike down and put it together like that.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Wow! That's really sweet!
The way a real chopper used to be made.

I'm with Mr. M. I wish I had the mechanical skills to do this. Great job Willy!

mq01 said...

woohoo!!! lets ride now... :)
oh, its monday, damn job anyway...

Mastercheif said...

Sweet! You have a gift!

FLHX_Dave said...

It almost looks good in the pictures. LOL! Awesome brother, just f'in awesome.

I really do like this bike alot. I'm gonna ride over there and take a gander at this thing right now.

Willy D said...

Mr. M: Thanks. And I wish I could paint as good as… as… you!

“D-Day”: You – to – can – be – a – motorcycle – mechanic. At – the – Sally – Struthers – school – of - motorcycle – fixing. Just – three – easy – payments – of - $99.99 – a – month – for – 99 – months.
If only you could see some of the f-up’s I’ve made in the past. Just like Mr. M and his paint, it takes years of learning from your mistakes.

mq01: Work will always be there tomorrow. Riding sounds better.

Mastercheif: Some call it a curse. But it’s a living.

Dave: Yea, well. I might “almost” open the door and let you in!

Ann said...

Sweet! Our Triumph was built that way, too. :)

Willy D said...

Ann: What? Your Triumph was built from a mail-order kit also?

MeanDonnaJean said...

Might I suggest namin' him/her/it (choose yer pleasure) "Scrappy" instead? Just my one cent (I'm so damn broke these days, I ain't even GOT two cents to add).

If ya don't like that idea, how 'bout holdin' a "Name It" contest in yer blog? (winner gets any leftover parts ya didn't need).

B.B. said...

She's a beaut! But the pics don't do her justice, you can't really get the whole two tone effect.

Baron's Life said...

This is an amazing job...wish I had your talents and patience and know how to do this and more importantly, the guts to do it.
Well done Willy

Allen Madding said...

My hat is off to ya, man. That is the BEST looking collection of spare parts I have ever seen :)

I wish I knew as much about the inner workings of a bike as I do about a car. But, never too old to learn.

Enjoy that ride!


Willy D said...

Mean DJ: The name is already done. “Scrappy” would be a good name. I’ll think about it for the next one. There is always a next one. No such thing a leftover parts. Just parts that don’t have a home yet. Look on the sidewalk, I sent you that penny.

B.B.: Two tone? That’s only to cover up the grinding and welding. For now.

Baron: No guts needed. Just a lot of rattle cans. Paint will hide a multitude of sins.

Allen: Best way to learn, rip your bike down to the frame. You might even have some “spare parts” when you put it back together!

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