Saturday, November 21, 2009

More Voices?

06:30 Saturday the thermometer reads 40F outside and it rained last night. Being of a not to bright nature I figure it’s perfect weather for a ride over to Carmel Valley. So now I’ve got to pick a bike. Find my three-sided coin, flip it, and ok the old 84’ Sporty it is. Bundle up in my best Saturday go-a-riding attire and piss off the neighbors. Let me tell you about Laureles Grade, the road that goes over the mountain between the Salinas Valley and Carmel Valley. Every time bike races are held at Laguna Seca several bikers are injured, or worse on the Grade. It’s one of those knee dragging, up and down twisty roads that crotch-rockets love.

I start heading up the hill and for some reason the “ICY” sign at the bottom catches my eye. Could it be more of those voices in your head that Arizona Harley Dude hears? After all, 40 degrees in the valley, rain last night, several thousand feet up the hill might be different. Never noticed that icy sign before.

I had two reasons for taking that ride: 1) Because I’m stupid and like to freeze my ass off. 2) If you get up there before the Sun is up you can get above the clouds that blanket the valley this time of year. Just about at the top of the Grade I run into an old friend I remember from the East Coast: “Black Ice”. I didn’t like the SOB then, and I like him even less now. Going into a left curve the ass-end started to fishtail like a baby seal that just saw Jaws. Crap, this thing’s going down! Or option number two: Screw trying to make the turn and go straight into the dirt pullout. The drop-off on the other side can’t be more than a few hundred feet. Throttle up, pull the front-end up straight, hit the dirt and stopped the wayward bike, upright. Hey, this is a good place to get a picture with the clouds over the valley!

Judging by the fresh skid marks in the dirt, I’d say that a small car hit that ice just a few minutes before I did. If they had hung around for awhile bet I could’ve got them to take a picture of me next to the bike with crap running down my leg.

I guess it’s a good thing that we all occasionally hear voices in our heads, we just don’t always listen. Another 15-20 mph like I usually take that road? Somebody else might be writing this…for a newspaper.


Ann said...

Me thinks you need to start listening to that damn voice!

I remember that son of a bitch, Black Ice, too. Never did care for him!

Glad it turned out ok. :)

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Glad you listened and got stopped Will D. I've met Mr. Ice and he and I didn't get along very well as I wrote here, But, hey that is where good stories come from.

Veri word; flucka....must have been what you were saying as the wheels hit the gravel

Mr. Motorcycle said...

One of the things that makes those voices worth listening to are that they are voice of experience.

Glad you made it.

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Mr. Black Ice is not good! I know...been there! Always listen to the voices! They usually know why they are speaking to you even though you might not right away.

"Joker" said...

I'm not sure whether to deride you as a dumbass for going anyway or applaud your grit and skill for keeping her up. I suppose it's better to let those voices tell you.

Yeah, black ice pretty much sucks, so whatever made you slow it down this time, I'm glad for it. Been a lot of close calls lately, so stay the f**k out of the paper will you??

Willy D said...

Ann: Now all you have to deal with is sand storms.

AHD: That post wasn’t there??? “flucka” That darn close!

Mr. M: Sometimes it’s the voice of stupidly.

IHG: It “was” funny that I had never noticed that icy sign before, and that day I did. I’ve been on that road hundreds of times.

“Joker”: I think dumbass is more like it. But if you can’t be a dumbass once in a while, what’s the point.

mq01 said...

i felt a chill when i first read this, and i get a chill still now. i had black ice out here that same morning, and most mornings since. tis the season i guess. im thankful you locked on that sign and heard the voice willyd. weve got LOTS more rides before we hit the papers, dammit!!

Willy D said...

mq01: I ain’t ready to make the paper yet! When I lived on the East Coast we rode all winter, so I knew instantly what happened and what to do. But for anyone that has not ridden in snow and ice I wouldn’t recommend it.