Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Guess I Better Fix It

Maybe I’ve been riding too much. I need to work on the dumb thing. Typical of a wrench, my shit is falling apart while I work on other folk’s stuff. That’s the way it’s always been and will be. Just the way of the world.

VD was lying on my garage floor the other day modeling a pair if socks, (kinky), when he looks under my bike and pronounces that the rear brakes are shot. Not what I wanted to hear but I looked. He was right. Another 4-5 hard stops and the rotor would buy the farm. Further inspection revealed pretty much no wear indicators on the rear tire, they were worn off. I thought I had just put a tire on. I guess they just don’t last like they use to.

Normally I wouldn’t care, just go till it breaks. But since we’re taking off next week for AZ to visit with fellow bloggers, it’s time for a trip to the local independent parts house. Pads and tire will be in tomorrow. Now if I can find someone to work on my bike for me…

While we’re on the subject of tires… Feb. 20th I got a quote for my daughter’s car. Yesterday I went back to seal the deal. In that short span of about two months nothing changed on the price of the tires except the taxes. $13.05 in new or increased taxes in 51 days. That crap is creeping up on us fast.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Yikes, that is a hike!

mq01 said...

a local biz owner just closed one of his two shops because of the extra $50k in tax he'd have to pay if he kept both doors open.

glad you caught the brakes before it became a problem.

Rick said...

Nothing is certain in life except death in and taxes. (As they say.) I am in debt to the good people that have over the years worked on my cars and m bike. What I do with a wrench in my hand is a sad reflection of my mechanical skills.

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Happy that Eagle Eye VD spotted those brakes for ya. The tire? Can't complain about that because it means your out riding.

Looking forward to seeing and riding with you next week because I understand 1200 miles to get to a 100 mile ride.

Big Daddy said...

Yes, You need to fix it.
No excuses for Missing AZ.
BTW I need some starter parts...
Shaft,actuator, solenoid etc.
Got any spares?

Willy D said...

Mr. M: No ‘hiking’ in the desert for me.

mq01: And in the same breath cities are asking why businesses are closing. Dip-shits.

Rick: While no one else works on my stuff, the folks I help, in-turn help me in many ways. I think friends are one of the last tangible things we have left.

AZHD: You gon’a make the Run. Cool!
Don’t forget the laptop so I can totally screw-up your ECM :)

Big D: Picked up the parts. It’ll be ready.
If I had any they’d be yours. But I ain’t got. A old style Ford 4-post solenoid works fine and it’s cheap, that’s what I use.

WooleyBugger said...

you know I'm feeling your pain Willy.