Monday, April 26, 2010

What You Find In The Desert

Got a phone call about 5:00 Friday, it was Boston. Said she was broke-down, Caveman went to find a master-link.

Me: ‘OK, shit happens. Where are you?’
Boston: ‘In the middle of f’ing nowhere!’
Me: ‘How far is that from the intersection of 60 and 72?’
Boston: ‘I have no f’ing idea’.
Me: OK, see you when you get here’.
Boston: ‘I’ll keep you posted’.

We looked at the map and ‘the middle of f’ing nowhere’ looked to be 30-40 miles from where we were. Whatever it was, about 20 minutes later Dave and I were pulling up to the scene of the crime.

I checked my odometer, looked at Boston and said: ‘I just rode 651 miles to find your ass broke-down in the middle of the desert?' Then laughed my ass off!

It was the perfect start to a MC camp-out.


Ann said...

Yeah, I wish you had a pic of the look on my face when I saw you two pull up!!!!

Arizona Harley Dude said...

I love the look on Vicky's face. I guess that's the difference between experience and youth.

Webster World said...

Help did arrive and in the middle of bfe. Like the tank. Looks good.Veri word jarsucti: Hummm.

mq01 said...

PRICELESS!!! and it looks like the party started at that intersection :)

Dean "D-Day" said...

I was thinking the same thing as AHD.
Ann's face says, "Let the good times roll!"
Vicky's face says, "Mom, this really sucks!" LMAO

FLHX_Dave said...

In the right place at the right time. I'll never forget Boston's face. Priceless.

Target practice out there in the middle of nowhere was fun too! Too bad I got my ass beat by Vicky.

KT Did said...

It all works out and by the faces it looks like a good beginning.

Ann said...

Actually Vicki was having a good time until I said, "Haaaaaaay" for that picture (she hates it when I say that). She was a trooper and it was her first long bike trip with us. The first of many. :)

The kudos for the tank go to Big D. That was a 3am paint job because I hate primer. :)

And yes, the party totally started right then and there! :)

Ann said...

Willy D: You may now resume your regularly scheduled blog. ;)

Big Daddy said...

They always say...You'll the strangest things in the desert!!

Willy D said...

Ann: you mean when you saw a ‘madman ‘?

AZHD: I think Vicky just wanted to get moving.

Webster: When you get a phone call, you haul ass. That’s the code of the road.

mq01: Yes it did. And more intersections later.

“D-Day”: Correct. One for: “Lets get going”. One for: “It’s all good”.

Dave: I wasn’t going to tell that you got your ass beat by a girl, but you brought it up.

KT: When you have no plan it always works out.

Ann#2: In a few years I’m sure she’ll be riding next to you.

Ann#3: I don’t want it back! It’s yours now.

Big D: Yep. That’s where I saw you ;)

WooleyBugger said...

Nice picture, I enlarged it to see the tank bettah. How about a close up.

Good times, good friends. What more do you need. Well that and maybe some beer, drink of cold water and scorpion wrestling.

Ann said...

WooleyBugger: I will post a close up of the tank on my blog today. :)

Willy D said...

Wooley: Scorpion wrestling? PETA would not approve.

Ann: Don’t forget the front fender. That was pretty bitchin’ also.

mq01 said...

im dying to see the paint too!! i tried zooming but cant see much...

Willy D said...

mq01: If ‘Boston’ is to busy for sharing pictures of Annabelle, I’ve got some I think will show the tank better. Now I just need to get off the bike and finish the post. Darn vacation gets in the way of my nethanderal creativity.

How’s bob looking?

mq01 said...

vacation? excellent!! hey dont short your vacation and post on our account :) we'll be here... enjoy!

bob? he's excellent! not dirty enough but still excellent. the pass peg is staying snug btw. and, the more i use my hiway pegs, the more i think i want/need the wider stance boards so harleygoodies here i come. thanks for ALL willyD!!