Thursday, April 1, 2010

He Said What?

So I guess you don’t need one damn living brain cell to be a Georgia Congressman. When I heard about this, I just had to find it on You Tube. I’ll give a lot of credit to the Admiral for not laughing in this morons face. I would have been rolling around on the floor dying from laughter. I sure hope no one I know in Georgia voted for this idiot. Stay away from the edge if you visit Guam.


Ann said...

What a fucking MORON!!!!!!!!!! Seriously?? Tip over???? WTF?????

Willy D said...

Yes Ann, your tax dollars at work. And we wonder why we’re screwed. Something tells me that the Admiral has better shit to do than get hauled in front of Congress and listen to a lunatic.

"Joker" said...

Wow. What a coincidence. While getting ready this morning, Susan and I had our local Fox news affiliate on in the bedroom and they did a piece on this. Of course I wasn't really surprised, because I've long maintained that most members of Congress are knuckle-dragging dopes. Gee...he's both a lawyer and a Democrat too...what a shock! You don't suppose he voted for the Health Care Bill do ya? Nah....

I really don't get mad anymore, because we reap what we sow. If the voters are stupid enough to keep sending assholes like this to represent them, then they deserve everything they get. Another interesting fact here...apparently the people of Georgia's 4th congressional district are just gluttons for punishment. For those not in the know, Hank "Guam" Johnson succeeded Cynthia "Do you know who I am?" McKinney.

Don't know Cynthia?

Allow me to enlighten you all. In 2008 at a press conference, McKinney announced she'd spoken with one of her "constituents," whose son was in the National Guard, and claimed to have taken part in the disposal of 5,000 corpses for the Dept. of Defense during Hurricane Katrina. She said these folks were "prisoners who had been crushed by tanks, shot in the head, painted blue, and dumped in a Louisiana swamp."

If that's not enough to put her next to Dennis Kucinich in the Far Left Liberal Fruitcake Club, there's always the "do you know who I am" incident. In 2006, McKinney entered a government office building and circumvented the metal detector. Members of Congress aren't required to go through it, but they are all supposed to wear a special lapel pin that identifies them as such. She was not wearing hers. Halfway down the hall, after ignoring repeated shouts of "Ma'am, Ma'am!" from a Capital Police Officer, she was stopped by the officer. That's when she gave her famous line and punched the cop in the chest with her closed fist. Naturally, she was neither charged nor given and disciplinary action by the House.

As much as I'd like to continue to lambaste the citizens of Georgia for subjecting the US goverment to the likes of these jackholes, I have to keep remembering us Massholes are equally culpable and stupid. I am hopeful that this November will see the demise of Comrades Frank, Delahunt, McGovern, Capuano, Markey, and Tsongas, but that may be too much to ask.

If we don't vote out a guy who had his gay lover running male prostitutes out of his Washington condo, then what's a little island tipping??

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Cut the Brother some slack will ya.......he just left a 3 martini lunch where his flunky lost track and he actually had 5 which caused his math skills to erode, his common sense to take a vacation, and the poor bastard had to piss so bad he was pretending to be washing his hands and face to convince himself that he had already gone. Wet mop at Rep Johnson's seat.

Nancy Frye-Swope said...

Just finished reading several of your posts and found them Right On. Your blog was my Good Find for the day! Thanks.

NFS - The Retired Biker Housewife

FLHX_Dave said...

bwhahahahahahahah! You know...just when I think I have evolved enough to accept and understand all people...something like this happens.

I know addicts and hobos who makes more sense. I thought nothing could shock me at this point in my life...this did it.

What was really amazing, and I mean amazing, is the Admiral didn't laugh out loud and remained composed. What a fucking feat! I'm sorry...I would have looked around with a screwy look on my face and said, "Am I on the same planet here?" Admiration for the Admiral.

Hell, I'm going to watch it ripped just to see if I can glean any logic from it...I fear that it will makes even less sense, and if it does?...I'll even be more frightened!

Willy D said...

"Joker”: Now you’ve done it! This poor bastard will forever be known as ‘Guam’ Johnson for the rest of his days.

Me thinks this guy lit the fuse on your tampon ;)

AZHD: Ya know, that makes perfect since. I know I’ve said some really dumb shit after five drinks.

NFS: If you think the ranting of a total f’ing nut lunatic is a ‘good find’, then I’ve got a suggestion for you; Get on the bike, do a few 1000 mile days, then read it again. Unless of course you get home to find that your internet access has been suspended until you attend a ‘government’ internet training course. That would suck.

Dave: I just tried watching it in a altered state. It wasn’t funny anymore. It was just sad.

motoroz said...

I certainly feel better about myself now. Of all the things I have said and wished I had not - nothing compares to his statement.

I think I better cancel my trip to Hawaii, I don't want to be there when it capsizes!

Webster World said...

I saw that too. And that is who is running this country. He can say all he wants on what he meant BUT! I think all that body lauguge he had tells us he meant it.

mq01 said...

ive watched it a few times and i still cant sit straight faced all the way through...

hey, happy easter willyD and carol!!