Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crap In The Garage

Got home from work and hit the dry bar. Now if I can get the energy to check the oil and tires, it won’t be a total waste of a night. A thought crossed my mind: “I very rarely ride behind anyone”. Most people I know want me in front. Weather they think I’m safe, or don’t trust me behind them, is something I’ll never know. I do have a habit of riding up folks asses. If I’m following, it’s never fast enough. Don’t know why, just the way it is. I think I have issues with people that ‘baby’ a perfectly good engine. Open that mutha’ up and let it breath. It won’t break. If it does, It was gonna’ break anyway. Screw it.

I ain’t one for sitting in stopped traffic. Lane splitting is one of my favorite things. Between, around, against traffic, I don’t care, I love it! My wife hates it. Every time we split she tenses up. I can feel her thighs tighten around my ass. Maybe that’s why I like splitting. Sounds like good practice for becoming a dirty old man.

The tires and oil are calling. Here’s a toast to everyone having a safe weekend and getting in some saddle time. Peace.


mq01 said...

Salud my friend..cheers :)

Webster World said...

Damn your right. I'm going to do a lot more splitting.