Thursday, October 9, 2008

'09 Glide Envy

Anyone still having '09 Glide Envy, forget it! The few minor upgrades aren't worth the heartbreak. Your best bet ? Go ride your "old" bike and remember why you fell in lust to start with.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Still want one.
The main reason I want an 09 Glide, is because I don't have a Glide at all.

Then again, not many Harley's I don't want that I don't already have.

Ann said...

Mr. M, you sound like Big D. He wants it all!

I don't like the new rims on the '09 Glide. I prefer my '84 Sporty, but I prefer it running. :) AZ Hole Performance has shown less than stellar performance in getting this bike up and running, due to financial constraints, mind you. :)

Have a great day!

FLHX_Dave said...

LOL, your an asshole Willy D! I'm putting a restraining order on your post.

Nice video. It almost qualified as porn in my book.

Do you hear that? Yeah, thats me outside of your house about to clutch my glide through your front door to put a stop to your motorcycle porn business.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Willy D! You are going to send your friend right over the edge! After watching this vid, poor Dave was probably nothing but a pile of jelly on the floor! (I'm sure he was sobbing too!)

I'll be hanging on to my old girl for awhile. Unless, I win the lottery. Shhh! Don't tell her I said that! LOL!

Big Daddy said...

Nope....Still love my Sportster.
However a Triglide.....

B.B. said...

Well it's a little early for me to be thinking about trading in, but I wouldn't mind it if my baby were to get a little sister.

Lady R- If you win the lotto just tell your old girl you're getting her a new friend, just make sure they get equal amounts of your attention.

Willy D.- Loved the video, the song was perfect!

Road Captain said...

My Dyna has some engine issues, maybe I should trade her in on one of those old fart bikes.

Willy D said...

ann: '84 Sporty, early or late model? mine is a E1984 XLH, I'll be doing some mods to it in a few weeks.

dave: the doors open, porn studio in the garage.

lady r: OK I'll let up on him, just a little. Don't want to send him over the edge and wind up riding "bitch" behind b.b.or something.