Saturday, October 4, 2008

Time Sucks !

I have a dislike for watches. Don't own one, won't wear one. Watches were invented by some "corporate suit" so the masses would know when to "get your ass in here and make "ME" some money". Thirty years of slaving for "The Man", here's a watch. Time for you to go now. Besides, clocks are everywhere. Cell phones, banks, every wall of every office. Hell, your looking at one. Built in clocks on bikes, why? So when my wife showed me these pictures I thought "wow, that's way cool". What better way for symbols of corporate greed to be reincarnated than as symbols of freedom and the open road. A place where time is what "you want" it to be. Not what "The Man" says it "must" be.


B.B. said...

Those are so cool!

Ann said...

Those are very cool! I want one!

FLHX_Dave said...

I stopped wearing watches because I thrashed them to quickly. Now seeing these appropriate and useful uses for watches. (that sounds funky now doesn't it.) I wish I had not thrown them all away. Always said that my motorcycle is the closest I'm gonna get to a time machine.

Big Daddy said...

I wear one because my son/daughter bought it. Every time I look at it reminds me of them.
It's boluva watch
The Harley Davidson red flames watch.