Monday, October 20, 2008

Fork Sliders

Question: Y'all know how the clear coat on stock sliders gets a little pitted? Pretty soon they look like the pimply faced little buggers we did in high school. Has anyone found a method (that works) to restore them? Short of replacement or expensive stripping and polishing.


FLHX_Dave said...

What's going on here? YOU are suppose to be answering the questions here!

Just yank'in your short hairs.

Well, errr..they get pitted? I don't have that problem. Oh yeah, I don't know what those sliders actually look like underneath all those bugs and roadgrime.

fasthair said...

Dr. Wrench,

What about steel wool the surface and get a rattle can of clear coat and spary on a new coat? Note: I have no idea if it will work I was just throwing out an idea.


Big Daddy said...

with the new anti oxidation polish out there ie zippers, S polish you can even buy it at the metrc store,
remove all the clear coat and buff the new polish in.
it will stay shiny for six monthe or more,
as for getting the old clearcoat off. Use a funture stripper for antigues. Takes a little lomger but usually has minamil affect on the aiuminum.
test in a inconspicuios area first.

mrs rc said...

What's a fork slider?

B.B. said...

LOL, Mrs RC, my thoughts exactly!

Willy D said...

dave: Ouch!

fasthair & big d: Thanks, I'll experiment and update on what works.

mrs rc & b.b.: See pitcure on post.

Webster World said...

Silicone! It I beleive is what may be the protective coating at the factory. Mr. Motorcycle is an old painter by trade.

TRT said...

Swapped mine out for chrome ones last winter so don't have any tips. Maybe a good polish/sealer type product as mentioned above.