Friday, October 3, 2008

Q & A

(Down joker! That's Q& A not T&A)
A lot of what I've read on bike forums sounds like it's been outsourced to India. Most dealer shops won't or can't give you a straight-up answer to shit.

I'm thinking about doing a bi-weekly or monthly post called: Ask The Doc, Ask The Dr., Ask Dr. Wrench or something like that. The idea is to take a half dozen or so technical / general bike related questions at each posting and try to actually resolve the issue, not make it worse. Hey, I'll be the first to admit that I don't know much. But what I do know makes no sense to me either. If you don't like this idea stop me now... Well, no one stopped me so I guess I'll ramble on.

Typical / sample questions may / may not be:

Hey Doc: My '07 Deluxe has an intermittent miss around 70-80 mph. The dearler's tech rode it for about 5 min. and said the injectors are leaking. Is he correct ?
Signed: "Missing in Mississippi"

Dear Dr. W: What's the difference between blue, red & green loctite, and where should each be used ?
Signed: "Loose Nuts in Nantucket"

Dr. Wrench: My '84 HLX needs a new headlight every 3-4 months, WTF ?
Signed: "The Dark One"

Typical / sample anwser you may / may not get:

Yo Doc Dude: My bike leaks half a quart of oil every time I park it. What can I do ?
Signed: "Puddles in Pittsburg"
Answer: Park it in your neighbor's driveway, or - BUY A GASKET SET YOU MORON !

Although this would be a "free" service provided by B S Preformance Systems, (a subsidiary of AZ Hole Performance), it will require an expenditure of time & effort on someones part. So if your problem is resolved, and you feel that you must pay someone, donations may be made to: '09 Street Glide Foundation c/o Road Grits Cafe.


Ann said...

I think it's hysterical that you already know Joker well enough to caution him! LOL!

I think this is a great idea! And as I've said before on Dave's blog, I believe we are the AZ branch of BS Performance Systems. Where our motto is: "Don't have it? We'll make it"! Actually, more often it's, "Don't tell me no, motherf@&ker! Get me a wrench!"

Lady Ridesalot said...

I think the Q & A thing is a great idea! Could be a source of great info and a twist of humor mixed in. Go for it.

BTW check your email to claim your prise. You make the decision to share or not.

fasthair said...

Mr. Dr.

My bike likes to drop a cylinder when it gets very wet. Like after I wash it or in a heavy rain. I've changed all of the secondary ignition system but it is still not fixed. At this time I'm thinking either a crank sensor or the MAP sensor. Do you know if either of these are common failures? My dealer stocks the CKP sensor which makes me think it might be a common failure. What are your thoughts?

Signed Missing Out.


PS: real question.

FLHX_Dave said...

Dr. Wrench

I have this problem. Every time I get on my FLHX, I get major league wood. It's annoying as hell. Please help me. And don't tell me something like, "oh, that's an inherent feature of the Harley bikes." I'm tired of that being the answer to everything when I go into the shop.

Webster World said...

Dave, Major league wood! Is that kinda what that fella had in this weeks Sam Cro?

Webster World said...

Oh ya , it could work.

Big Daddy said...

Dear Doc.
Everytime I line up my valve stems so both are at the top of the wheel, I get back from riding...they are different?
Is one wheel going on longer trips than the other?
Thank you
Cluless Cavedweller

Road Captain said...

Dear Doc,
There is one question that baffles my mind that you may be able to shed light on. How is it that Dave was able to catch himself such a cool chick? Just joking! Good luck with your blog and welcome to the club.

Willy D said...

ann: Branch office Hell ! Your now the parent company ! (recheck post)

lady r: Off & running. Nothing in email - might be that Outlook link, I don't use Outlook.

fasthair: Rule 1 - year/model
Sounds like you already know the cause: water intrusion someplace.
If "o" ring on CKP is bad, as it's use is to reference TDC, it could.
MAP can become clogged - not common. Others:
Battery, fuel pressure,carbon tracking @ coils, worn contacts in system relay, ANY exhaust leak at head - fresh air on a O2 sensor will "rich" that cyl. in a second.
Also internal w/same symptoms- weak valve spring, sticking valve.
Many things can cause this, but if it's only in wet weather, check every harness conn. for any sign of corrosion. If ANY, water has been & is getting in.

dave: This is NOT a very hard one.
Simply install a passenger with long arms. AKA "The why the hell did I let Her get Her own bike syndrome".

big d: You freging got me with that one! Never heard of it before.
Tell'ya what I"ll do: I'm go on a ride now and check mine. Maybe pay a wino to run along beside me and count the revolutions. I'll let you know my findings when I get back, if I get back. This might be a long... ride.

Ann said...

Woo-hooo! AZ Hole Performance is #1! LOL!

Thanks, Prospect! :)

fasthair said...

Mr. Dr.

Duh you would think since I'm a wrench myself I would have gave all of the info on the bike huh? I'm a moron! It's a 2003 FXST. I have looked at the connection of the CKP and even packed i full of die-electric grease with no change. But I was wondering if the CKP is a high failure item? I'll look further in to other connection.

Thanks for the help,

Willy D said...

fasthair: Everything from past is valid for your bike. CKP-some failures, not a lot. Can be removed & cleaned, no adj. need to be made. Also ck theeth for metal flakes (normal), could give false TDC. Rear tire off ground, trans in mid gear, spin tire. I know you mean well, but....
DEILECTRIC grease is non-conductive made for keeping moisture out. Good for light bulbs, conv. point systems etc... Someplace you have metal to metal contact, where voltage drop (1-2) is not a issue. CKP? 1V AC. Yes, that is AC. See any voltage drop issues here ? ECM controlled eng.? Sensors range from 0.2-5.1 volts.
NEVER EVER use dielectric on Amp, Deutsch,Delphi, Packard, Sur-lock, Molex or ANY connector that passes voltage through a ECM. If ANYTHING gets inside a connector, the seal is bad or installed wrong.
Plus, never put a probe in the back of this type connector, it will destroy the wire seal. Special "spoons" are made for your test leads.