Monday, September 29, 2008

Harley-Davidson "Semi" Smart Security System

OK - time for the "Prospect" to earn his " Colors". For about the last year we've all heard the stories of No-Start failures on Harley's. Most of what I've heard assumes the security system to be at fault. All seem to be at fuel stops - coincidence ? I want to do some research & testing on this issue. Anyone who has had this failure and wants to help raise their hand. Good... Hey ! You in the back, pay attention ! Thank you. Now, where was I ? Oh yea. What I need from... Sorry, you can put your hands down now. What I need from anyone with this failure is year & model, any downloads (Stage 1, 2), any DTC's stored in the ECM ( I'll get to that in a minute). A description of the failure : did the lights work- turn, break,head, dash lights ? Did engine crank/ not crank ? DID YOU RESET TRIP METER BEFORE / AFTER FUELING ? ( Don't ask yet, I'm just getting started on the Failure Analysis). Name / brand of gas station. You get the idea, the more detail the better. Plus, I would prefer description's of the failure be sent email. Some of them may be somewhat lengthy, so I think email would be easier (link on profile page).
Now, getting the DTC's from the ECM. Note: This is for stock ECM. Any aftermarket ECM or Tuner - contact mfg. For every test, handlebar OFF/RUN switch must be in the RUN position. DO NOT START ENGINE !!!

DTC: Diagnostic Trouble Code
H-DSSS: Harley-Davidson Smart Security System
ECM: Electronic Control Module
TSM: Turn Signal Module
TSSM: Turn Signal / Security Module
HFSM: Hands Free Security Module
SP: Speedometer

Make sure all fuses are good and correct size. Off/Run in RUN position, trans. in neutral.

Test 1 : Quick Systems Check.
Turn ign. on - watch dash lights - all dash lights should come on then turn off. Check eng. light should turn off in 4 sec. - all systems are normal. If check eng. light stays on for 8 sec. or turns off then comes back on, you have issues. Note: oil & neutral light will stay on - depending on configuration. Turn off ign. End Test 1.

Test 2 : WOW Test (don't ask, have no idea).
Any logged codes will look like U1064, P0605, B1145 etc...
Push & hold odometer reset - turn ign. on - immediately release reset. Speedometer / Tach should sweep full range - dash lights come on then turn off - same as in Test 1. Leave ign. on.
"diag" should be in the LCD screen. You are now in Diagnostic Mode. Note: to exit Diag. Mode at any time, turn ign. off and start over. Now, with "diag" in the LCD :
Note: press means press & release quick - hold means hold till screen changes.
Press reset
PSSPT in screen
P is flashing - this will check ECM for codes
Hold reset - what you see are stored codes for the ECM - if none it will read "none"
Press reset - what you see is part# for ECM Module
Press reset
PSSPT in screen
Press reset to scroll to S flashing
S flashing - this will check TSM / TSSM / HFSM for codes
Repeat as above to SP flashing
SP flashing - this will check Speedometer for codes
Repeat as above to T flashing
T flashing - this will check Tach for codes - if none installed will read "no rsp"
Turn ign off. Your done. Record any codes.

If you had a No-Start failure, you may or may not have any logged codes. A fault that happens once, and does not happen again will be auto cleared after 50 ign. cycles (stupid softwear).

lady ridesalot : Did I pass the initiation, do I get my colors? Not one LOL in the whole post!!!
Oh wait... I just did it, ah shit ! Do I at least get a tee shirt ? LOL ;)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

West Coast vs. East Coast or East Coast vs. West Coast Durning The Winter

    With Winter due to grace us with Her presence any day now, and having lived on the East Coast for 22 years, I decided to reminisce about some of the reasons I got the hell out of there !

    For those of you who live where it doesn't snow, this does not apply to you. For those that don't, read on.

  • West Coast - mow the lawn all winter (but you can ride your bike)

  • East Coast - shovel snow all winter (try to ride your bike)

  • West Coast - rains sometime (but you can ride your bike)

  • East Coast - hails sometimes (try to ride your bike)

  • West Coast - foggy sometimes (but you can ride your bike)

  • East Coast - sleet sometimes (try to ride your bike)

  • West Coast - chilly sometimes (but you can ride your bike)

  • East Coast - blizzards sometimes (try to ride your bike)

Those who still live where it snows, what the hell is wrong with you ? Have you no respect for your bike ? Didn't your Mama raise you better than that ? You leave Her in that damp, dark, freezing garage. Alone, no companionship for months at a time. You occasionally push Her out into that brown slush that covers everything. You violate Her undercarriage with salt and sand, rusting Her beautiful frame (except the '08 FLHX), destroying Her taunt wiring harness.

This has got to stop ! We must put a end to Bike Abuse ! Get the hell out of there ! Move to the West Coast and start the Biker Nation as it was meant to be. Let the Revolution begin !

(PS - No Snowmen were harmed in the making of this Post)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hole In My Garage

Yesterday four bikes in my garage, today three. This mourning I sat and looked at the hole that bike # four should be in. What have I done ? It was like selling one of your kids. It hurt. Was she really gone ? SOLD, loaded in a trailer an on the road. This was her first time in a trailer. I saw her wink a tail light at me . A 1996

Yamaha Royal Star Tour Classic, bought new in '96. I looked closer and... WTF was that in the corner ? It was my '78 FXS Shovel that I started to rebuild about two years ago. Why have I not finished it ? I remember at least a dozen times moving the other bikes to work on it. Then it hit me! By the time I could move three bikes out of the garage, one of them would somehow magically start, kick itself in gear and hit the road (there is always tomorrow).

Well, it's time to finish it. I'll post pics along the way. The highpoints and the lowpoints.

FLHX Dave will be along for the trip, so there should be some ammussing stuff. Sorry Dave, but

after seeing you use a stick and a rock (so easy a caveman can do it ?) to fix Brother Wolf's muffler, I think some tech tips will be comming your way.