Monday, October 15, 2012

New Old Bike

Yes, I’ve been neglecting the blogs, Faceyoubook, TV; don’t even know what’s happing on SOA. Is it still on? Neglecting damn near everything but work. That shit can really get in the way of life. But I’ve grown to like sleeping inside and eating regularly so I’ll have to continue paying taxes. I think the only good thing about my day job is that it supports my real job of working on my bikes.

The ’02 Ultra is back in one piece with a few changes. A nice fresh 95-inch, S&S 510G gear drive cams, Fueling cam plate, oil pump & lifters, S&S intake and Hooker exhaust. The front brake system was rebuilt with Brembo’s from a 2010. The rear brake and forks are next. When you put a whole lot of go into one of these things, you’ve got to put in a whole lot of whoa also.