Friday, January 14, 2011

Special Delivery

OK all you commie pinko bastards out there; the Doc’s got a prescription for what ails you. All you gotta’ do is read it, quite your bitchin’ and get involved.

Got me a box of 50 copies. Bet I could dress like a bum, stand on a street corner and sell them at $5 a pop. Not a bad return on 25 bucks. It may come to that some day, but for now these are give-a-ways.

So here’s the sales pitch: If you respond in the next 10 minutes, I’ll mail one to anybody that wants one. Just e-mail the info. Send a blank, signed check, or a credit card number, and I’ll autograph it. That should up the value by a nickel in about 100 years. I’ll also accept winning lottery tickets or food-stamps. Only 46 left at this insane low price. Keep in mind that if I get in trouble for sending contraband through the mail, I’ll expect bail money.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Battle Rages On

Most of us have seen this poster from somewhere back in the 70’s. I’ve always liked it because it symbolizes how this country was formed. Weather you’re on the side of the mouse or the bird it doesn’t matter. We had one last great act of defiance against the King and came away with a Country.

Since this is the first day of a new year I wondered what could be my first act of defiance this year. I get into decusions about politics a lot. When we get to the Constitution most people talk crap but get it wrong. I carry a copy at all times. One in my truck, one in the map pocket of my riding jacket. When I take it out and set them straight on the facts, not what somebody told them the facts are, they usually agree and would like to learn more.

So I found a bookstore that was open on New Years Day a few town away, went there and got the copies of the Constitution they had in stock. There’re small and can be kept in the bottom of a saddlebag to be given to folks who think they know something but really don’t know shit.

I consider this act defiant because the government doesn’t want common folk reading such propaganda. I can only lead to no-good and them possibly loosing their cushy job. Plus the purchase of said propaganda puts money into the economy and helps keep private sector jobs. Something else they don’t want.

I’m also sure that the video of me at the cashier was sent to some dark government room someplace. After all, one person buying multiple copies of the U.S. Constitution can only mean one thing: “Damn troublemaker!”