Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just Idling Along

Been having idle issues with the ’07 Heritage. When coming to a stop it would sometimes drop off almost to the point of stalling. So last night I decided to do a little surgery on it. Rip and tear is more like it, but when a chainsaw and pickaxe are the only tools you own you just have to make do. So after checking the most common causes of this type of motor misfucktion, I settled on the Idle Air Control (IAC) which controls the idle and the Intake Air Temperature Sensor (IAT) which sends a signal through the ECM to the IAC so it can control the idle. Basically it’s a mess of wires, plugs and sensors that makes the electronic fuel injection system work. And they’re a bitch to get at. Hence the chainsaw.

So I get these two little buggers out and yes, they are all gummy and probably not doing their duty. Since one has to read air temps and the other has to open and close a air passage, I figured gummy ain’t good. So a little TLC with some toxic chemicals and back into their little holes they go. I attribute the crud to the oiled air filter. Which I will gladly deal with over risking a tear in a paper filter. But all that engine goobley glop isn’t what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about why was I the only bike on the road.

This morning I wanted to take it out and see if I screwed it up worse than it was. I went out on some back roads to warm it up then into town for some stop and go in traffic. All the time noticing that I was the only bike on the road. The temperature was right at 60, but no other bikes. WTF? Then it finally occurred to me: “Could it be this liquid sunshine that has everyone at home cleaning their chrome?” I even swung by the HD shop. Empty parking lot. But they still had the buffalo wings on the table in front of the big-screen with some car race going on. Free food? All for me? You damn skippy. Pig-out I did.

The front parking lot. Called due to rain I guess.

Who can resist the smell of wet leather? Yum!

Yep, the idle circuit works just fine. I guess the chainsaw method of fixing a Harley works after all. Go figure.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Just My Opinion

All’s I got to say is: Tiger, get out of that stupid sex rehab place. It ain’t gona’ work. The only way to stop having sex is to be dead. So just do the honorable thing. Now get the hell off my TV!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Decisions Decisions

This is really hurting my brain. Some decisions are just hard. I can’t figure out which direction to go. If I go down the coast it’ll probably drop into the high 50’s. Head north through the valley should yield some mid 60’s. Or east for a ride in the redwoods, where I suspect Ma Nature will be flirting with 70.

Hey but wait. It gets worse than that. Not only don’t I know which direction to go, but I was in the garage BS’ing with some neighbors when I figured out that I can’t decide which bike to take either! Ain’t that a bitch! I guess it really don’t matter which direction I go or which bike tags along, the point is; I’ll be ridding while some of you poor bastards are up to your butt cheeks in white wet crap. I hear there’s been some pretty nasty storms f’ing with some of you. That really sucks.

I feel for you, I really do. But after living in that white evil for 20 years, I can’t ever imagine living in it again. I promise I’ll twist the throttle, hard, for the Brothers and Sisters that can still keep their food down while looking at snow through the window.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pussy Question

Why do cats do this? The second the garage door opens they run outside and roll around on the cold concrete. I prefer rolling around on a nice warm carpet. Is there something in the water? Should I ease up on the catnip? Or are all cats just weird? They look like they’re having a bad catnip flashback or something. Inquiring minds want to know.