Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tramp Lives

Yes folks, the Road Whore’s got a ride again. My advice? ‘Hide your livestock!’.

Had a great time helping a Brother save a butt-load of gas money. Plus, not many folks will let you do surgery on a ’08. They still take it to the dealer, and I still can’t figure out why. The above inner primary bearing is a example of why I will never take a bike to a dealer.

VD’s doing a movie so I’m not going to step on his dick. But this bearing pissed me off. Dealer installed around 10,000 miles ago. There were several things wrong with the installation of it, but this one just stood out like a erection at a nun convention. Most school-trained tech’s would pull the ring and press the bearing out. Bad move schoolboy. Us backyard boys inspect as we tear down. Look at every detail. Don’t clean or disassemble components until you get good look at stuff.

Right were that zip tie is sitting, is a oil-hole drilled through the snap-ring grove. The ears on that ring need to be on either side of the hole. The dumbass that installed it cut the life giving fluid to a drip. The poor bearing was starved to death. Bearing killer!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Chapter In Life

We loaded up my little girls’ car and my truck Saturday, made the three-hour drive and got her moved into her college dorm. Three hours isn’t that far, but for a dad it seems like the other side of the world. She’s happy so I’m happy. I’m proud of her accomplishments. But I’m also saddened and depressed by the empty bedroom. I know it’s just another chapter in life, but it kind of sucks.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

No stories. Just some pictures from the last trip to AZ.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Plan

There’s more to a bikini Birthday bash than the party, there’s the trip there. So here’s the plan: I’d like to get out of here around 3-4 on Friday afternoon. That should put us somewhere on the Tehachapi Pass around 0:Dark 30. Find a place for the fartsack and some deep thoughts. Then, and only then, ride into the Desert at sunrise. It’s one of the best head-shrink sessions that money can’t buy.