Thursday, May 3, 2012

Busted Shoe

I’m either going blind or getting one of those old-fart things in the brain. I just had the primary open a few weeks ago and didn’t see the screwed up adjuster shoe. It’s not a new crack. Looking at it with a loupe, the edges are smooth and it’s discolored by oil. So it’s been vibrating against itself for a while. I only found it because my cheap ass put the cover on with the old gasket and it leaked. So I had to buy a new gasket. 21 dollars down the drain.

It’s one of those things that could last ten years or ten minutes. Hard to say. What would happen if it broke at 90 MPH? Would the chain just slap the crap out of the housing? Would a piece jamb and destroy the whole thing, lock the wheel and leave me for buzzard food in the middle of the Desert somewhere? Guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and spend the 8 bucks for a new one. Just seems like the responsible thing to do.