Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bitch Loud & Often!

This ain’t got crap to do with bikes, just me running my mouth. I haven’t been posting or commenting on anything lately because I’ve been doing my civic duty. I’ve been waging my own war with the local powers-that-be. The local issue I oppose was to be heard this Tuesday by the City Council. It “did not” make it on the agenda. That surprises me because the other side has all the money and tried to keep most of it from the public. Weather or not writing a butt load of emails, letters-to-the-editor and going out knocking on doors and talking to folks helped or not, I don’t know. But it’s not on the agenda, at least for this month. Maybe bitching loud enough works sometimes. And I can certainly bitch pretty darn loud when I think someone is trying to stick it in me without any lube.

And that brings up the “good news” that this country is not headed toward Socialism. We’re way the hell past that. Can you say Totalitarianism? When you have nuts like Ahmadinejad and Kadafi falling in love with a U.S. President that should scare the hell out of you. They should be scared shitless and hate his guts. Something’s wrong. And those little kids singing the “obama song”. What’s next? Little red obama books? Chairman Mao would be proud. And WTF is up with them saying they aren’t going to post that health care scam on the Internet until after the vote? Who the f#ck do they think they are? Oh that’s right, they’re the Lords and Masters. We are but the humble servants. The point is that we all need to start bitching very very loud and very very often. If we don’t, then we deserve what we get. Control of every aspect of our lives. Right down to how many pisses you can take each day.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The "Wolf" Is Back!

I’m sure some of you remember a few months ago FLHX Dave posted about Brother Wolf taking a hard spill in that f’in LA traffic. Well that was three months ago. Since then poor Wolf and his ride have both been recuperating. We go over and see him all the time, but something tells me it’s not the same for him, watching us ride off while he’s standing on his porch with no ride. Today Wolf’s iron horse was ready to leave the stable. I knew I should be there but I’m also an a-hole. I showed up, just never told anyone I was there. I sat across the street so I could get a quick video of his first time back in the saddle. Wolf still has a few weeks before the doc gives him a full thumbs up. But his ride is rebuilt and back home where it belongs.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Deep Do-Do

Yesterday, a comment was made that made me think. The comment: “I’m thinking so many things, I don’t know what I’m thinking”. That made me think about what I was thinking about. So I thought about what I was thinking about for the next five minutes, these are those thoughts:

We sat in the campfire and watched as the monkey pulled the feathers from the octopus. The flames licked at the blinding night sky as if the sun were reaching up to burn the depths of the ocean. The sound was eerie; much like the laugh of a centipede sliding slowly to the top of a martini glass. The wheels rolled through the hot frozen tundra like a fart through a sandstorm. Time-travel would soon be lost. Past and present were now one. How long would it take to take no action? How far down the road less traveled must one go to arrive? Would you arrive? Do fish-sticks come from frozen lakes? The sudden deafen sound of silence was an indication that the world had imploded; the sun would not rise tonight. The smell of moldy gasoline filled the coffin. The cook would be happy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Corvair Trike

The other day Dave called. Said he was at Wolf’s house and I had to get over there and see what just pulled up. OK, any reason for a ride. Potato Potato over to Wolf’s. It was worth the ride. The story I got on the Corvair Trike: The owner’s uncle started the build in 1970. Took about ten years to finish. It’s been sitting in the barn under a tarp ever since. It has about two hundred miles on it. He just inherited it and it’s for sale – cheap.

The thing I like is the engine in the middle instead of the rear like most builds. All of the British parts from the 60’s and 70’s are pretty cool also.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Final Battle VI

As Luke stood and watched the fireworks over DC he thought about what tomorrow would bring. The ACF was pretty organized as a Military unit went, being made up of HOG chapters, ex-military and civilians who were willing to die to restore their Country. But to be a real Government of the People and avoid the mistakes of the past, those plans were still waiting to be scratched on a restaurant napkin.

Luke thought back to what many considered the last straw. What many said was the final act of a corporate government destine to self-destruct. After the 2016 election, the foreign interest saw what was happening. They wanted assurances their investments were safe. They called in their markers. China and Japan wanted their loans to the U.S.S.A. paid, in full. Of course the money only existed in the backroom of some Wall Street bank on a fake ledger. The loans could not be repaid. After several threats, on both sides, and many rounds of “peace” talks, the decision was made to repay the loans with land grants. DC, and a one hundred mile radius around it were exempt. The rest of the U.S.S.A. was “Tax Granted” to pay the foreign debt. The plan was for all properties outside the “exempt zone” to be assessed a “foreign debt tax”. Soon, mansions and military style compounds were being built inside the “zone”. The government was seizing private land and moving all politicians and their wealthiest supporters into the exempt zone. This was more than people could take. Luke remembered what his brother had once said; “The seeds of revolution are sown in the fertile soils of discontent”.

He looked at Ben and Tom as they watched the flares; their faces void of expressions, hardened by years of staying one-step ahead of the corrupt, bloodthirsty U.S.S.A. government hit squads. This was not the America his ancestors had died for. Or would it be, at the cost of his own life, the America he would leave his heirs. The War on Tyranny had taken many lives, including that of his nephew’s father. Luke’s commitment to honor his brother was second only to protecting his nephew’s, or insuring that they died with the honor of a warrior as their father had.

The crackle of the antique walkie-talkie snapped Luke back to reality. It was Taz. “Go Taz, what’s up?” Luke asked. “Look at your watch numb-nut” Taz shot back. “We’re going to fire this thing in fifteen minutes. Think you might want to get you and those boys the hell outta there?”

Ben and Tom heard the radio. All three scrambled up the riverbank and fired up the old Harleys. The short half-mile ride back to the power station was the best ride any of them could remember – it had a purpose. Taz and Eddie were waiting at the Western Whitehouse with the “button”. They were far enough behind the EMP to be safe. They wanted to be outside for the best view. Besides, if the EMP had the wrong affect on the nuclear reactor under the Supreme Court… Well at this distance they would never know.