Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cheap Crap

This thing was handling like crap. Finally found the problem.

Here’s Ms. Wrench Wench inspecting the cheap stock Harley bolt that broke. I’ve never seen one of these bolts fail before. The next time I’m at our Failure Analysis Lab, this bolt will be under the microscope for a better look. I’m sure Harley would say that I’m to hard on it or I ride it too much. That seems to be their answer for everything.

This is the pain in the ass that cheap bolt caused. At a cost of $14 for new parts, none of them Harley, I’m glad my live-in mechanic works cheap. I’m sure the Stealership would add a few 0’s to the cost, and probably screw it up anyway.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I’m on about my 9th or 10th cup of java and a thought entered my vacuum. It’s common knowledge that those in AA tend to drink a butt load of coffee. Basically replacing one addiction with another. There’s always a big pot of coffee on the table at any AA meeting.

So I was just wondering, if I went out a found a ‘Caffeine Anonymous’ meeting, would there be a keg of Bud on the table? Somehow nothing is making sense too me right now. I think it’s the caffeine buzz taking over my mind.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Road Art

Ya just never know what you’ll see at a Army surplus store. Went out to J&S Surplus in Moss Landing today. Just to look around, they’ve got some neat stuff. Plus a pretty good Biker Leather store.

This sculpture is a new addition. I suspect the artist is somewhere in the Santa Cruz mountains tending his ‘weed’ patch with a big ole’ shit-eating grin on his face.