Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Scary Times

I was just watching a report that the Congressional Budget Office released today. I got up and walked away. What they said, in round numbers, was that in 2008 our debt was 40% of our Gross Domestic Product. Today it’s 60% of our GDP. At current spending levels they predict in 10 – 15 years our debt will be 100% of our GDP.

There’s not much happy crap in that report, but there is one silver lining in the cloud over DC. If they are correct, then it’s possible that we could have a Revolution in my lifetime. Not that I really want one. It would destroy this country as we know it. But if we’re bound and determined to have one and it’s unavoidable, I’d prefer to be able-bodied when it happens. Just saying.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

New (Old) Air Cleaner

Got my hands on a few freebie air cleaners. One is from something in the early 1980’s. These things were fuggley ugly when they came out and they’re even uglier now. So naturally I had to put in on the Shovel. I must say that this is the biggest ugliest damn air cleaner I’ve ever seen. So hell yes it’s staying! Now I’ve got to move the oil gauge, I can’t see it. It’s a never-ending battle messing with these old bikes. Just one more part that has no business being on this bike. Which is kind of the whole point in doing it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Pictures

There’s a whale out there someplace.

Pacific Coast Hwy photo op.

Bixby Bridge.

AZHD thinking about moving to CA.

Fishing or pissing, I’m not sure.

Believe it or not, the old guy being ‘talked’ to by the cop was washing his pick-up window with Windex. The wind blew some Windex on the car parked next to his and the b*tch called the man. And they actually showed up! I’ve got to talk with the Mayor about this crap.

bob showed up Saturday and got some new extended feet holder thingy’s.
Yes, he brought mq01 with him. (She won’t let bob go out alone).

A note to the last person that wrenched on bob: You work for a dealership, act like it! If you strip a bolt, and you know damn well you did, replace it you jackass!

What I found Sunday morning. Just like bears to honey.

Dave gives Paul a going away present.

Bye till next time.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crap In The Garage

Got home from work and hit the dry bar. Now if I can get the energy to check the oil and tires, it won’t be a total waste of a night. A thought crossed my mind: “I very rarely ride behind anyone”. Most people I know want me in front. Weather they think I’m safe, or don’t trust me behind them, is something I’ll never know. I do have a habit of riding up folks asses. If I’m following, it’s never fast enough. Don’t know why, just the way it is. I think I have issues with people that ‘baby’ a perfectly good engine. Open that mutha’ up and let it breath. It won’t break. If it does, It was gonna’ break anyway. Screw it.

I ain’t one for sitting in stopped traffic. Lane splitting is one of my favorite things. Between, around, against traffic, I don’t care, I love it! My wife hates it. Every time we split she tenses up. I can feel her thighs tighten around my ass. Maybe that’s why I like splitting. Sounds like good practice for becoming a dirty old man.

The tires and oil are calling. Here’s a toast to everyone having a safe weekend and getting in some saddle time. Peace.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hurry Up Friday!

Work sucks and the Prez is a ass-hole. That little stuff doesn’t bother me. The plan is to be in Paso Robles about noon on Friday and hook up with a fellow blogger out on a joy ride. Hit the Coast Hwy and ride back to the big city. Then hook up with another blogger coming from the north. At least that’s the plan. Whatever happens, I won’t be at work and I’ll be on a bike. So screw the small shit. We’ll save that for Monday. Weekends were meant for hanging with Brothers and Sisters. Talking bikes, working on bikes and riding bikes. And like that goofy cat under the bike, sometimes I even sleep with bikes.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Son of a b*tch! Just walked over to look at the up-side down printing on the rubber brake pad and damn! It fell off again! Screw the glue. If I find it, I’m drilling a hole and putting a metal screw in it. And if that don’t work, I’ve got lots of Duck-Tape.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Where Parts Come From

I noticed this morning that the rubber pad for my rear brake lever was gone. It was added to a mental list of things I’ll probably never fix. A hour later while returning from a trip to the store I see a old brake lever pad laying in the intersection at a red light. Ride out in the middle, get off the bike and pick it up. Yes, I know you shouldn’t stop in the intersection like that. Screw em’, I’ve got plenty of insurance. Funny thing about that pad, it looked like the perfect fit for the lever. Hell, it was probably mine, as it’s a route I travel all the time. Just more proof that if you need parts for a old bike don’t buy them. Keep your eyes on the ground, you’ll find them.